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As part of our ongoing efforts to get to know our customers better, we are conducting office visits to learn about our customers' challenges and how Paubox can help. This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Rob Balaam, the co-founder of Partners in Communication LLC.


About Partners in Communication


Partners In Communication, LLC is a Sign Language Interpreter Referral agency founded on a philosophy that includes integrity, excellence, ease of use and quality customer service. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Partners In Communication, LLC provides interpreting services throughout the United States. Rob and his co-founder, Angela, built this business from the ground up. They provide their services to a diverse range of industry from healthcare, tech, and government services. A unique perk of working with Partners In Communication is that everyone works remotely. This flexibility allowed Rob (pictured below) and I to meet up a Hearth, a local coffee roaster that also makes a wicked croissant!

Paubox office visit


Rob was kind enough to answer my questions about any challenges he faced as a small business complying with HIPAA. He also shared his thoughts on his relationship with Paubox overall. Below are my takeaways from the conversation.


Small Businesses and HIPAA Compliance

For Rob, complying with HIPAA is a challenge for small businesses. The magnitude of HIPAA and the restriction of his available resources means that he has to be very selective when working with HIPAA.

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Why Partners in Communication chose Paubox

Convenience and service were key deciding factors for Rob when it came to choosing Paubox. While seeking a  secure email provider, he wanted a solution that was seamless for his users to use and provided excellent customer service. Needless to say, Paubox met all of those prerequisites.


Seamless communication with third-party vendors

One of the things that Rob loves about Paubox is the fact that a dedicated team is just one phone call away. We will contact third party vendors on Rob's behalf to help with any troubleshooting, and to him, that is rare to find. Overall, being able to meet Rob was an enjoyable and humbling experience. Hearing Rob's kind words about our services and solutions confirms that we are heading in the right direction. Meanwhile, we appreciate his recommendations and will use them to improve our service and products.


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