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Inbound DLP added to Paubox Email Suite Premium

Inbound DLP added to Paubox Email Suite Premium


Last month we took in even more feedback from our customers regarding our newest solution, Paubox Email Suite Premium. Our biggest takeaway was that they were clamoring for pro-active data loss prevention (DLP) monitoring for Inbound email as well. Given our strength in email security and encryption, I'm grateful to say we were able to build, test and launch Inbound Email DLP as part of Paubox Email Suite Premium last month.

In a nutshell, Paubox Email Suite Premium now includes:

  • Inbound DLP protection
  • Outbound DLP protection
  • Inbound Email Archiving
  • Outbound Email Archiving

As we covered earlier, Email DLP is a strategy for making sure end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of a corporate network. With our latest enhancement to Paubox Email Suite Premium, we've also done the same for Inbound email.

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Here are the features we've built for Inbound DLP (so far):

  • Inbound attachment scanning (PDF, Excel, Word, Zip, CSV, and Text file formats supported).
  • Ability to scan for Social Security Numbers.
  • Ability to create simple custom rules.
  • Ability to scan for credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX).
  • Ability to scan for United States Drivers Licenses (27 states supported).
  • Ability to scan for certain Medicaid IDs.
  • Ability to scan for Medicare IDs.


We are looking forward to the future!

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