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Over the past two weeks, we've leveraged customer feedback as a guide on how to level up the email DLP features for  Paubox Email Suite Premium. As we covered earlier, email DLP (data loss prevention) is a strategy for making sure end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside of a corporate network.

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Here are the new features we've added to Paubox Email Suite Premium this month (so far):

  • Added ability to create simple custom rules.
  • Added ability to scan for credit cards (MC, Visa, AMEX).
  • Added ability to scan for Hawaii Drivers License (HDL).
  • Added ability to scan for Hawaii Medicaid IDs.
  • Added ability to scan for Medicare IDs.
  • Added ability to scan outbound email for all users. This is in addition to the existing ability to scan outbound email for a subset of users.
  • Added ability to create customized quarantine email notification to end users.
  • Added support for attachment scanning of Word, Excel and PDF docs.
  • Created a new class of Customer Admin user that does not have access to Email Archives.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey of using customer feedback as a roadmap of what to build and in what order to build it. We're looking forward to the future!

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