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Paubox Marketing plans

Drive better outcomes with HIPAA compliant personalized email marketing campaigns

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Send personalized email with PHI
Paubox enforces TLS encryption for every email campaign, so marketing teams can send personalized emails directly to patients’ inboxes that include PHI.
Drag and drop builder
Quickly and easily create beautiful emails with our intuitive design builder.
Dynamic text
Insert dynamic smart text based on custom contact data fields.
Image and file manager
Easily organize and securely store images and files
Send unlimited emails
Pricing is based on contacts stored, not emails sent in a month.
Optimized email deliverability
Maximizes email deliverability and avoids outbound email ending in spam folders by updating your SPF record and configuring DKIM and DMARC protocols.
Marketing automation
Workflow builder
Create advanced drip campaigns with an easy-to-use visual builder
Automation triggers
Automate workflow journeys based on user action
Contact management
Audience segmentation
Manage contacts and and create audience lists based on custom field data.
Securely upload and store contacts and data
Contact data is housed securely within the platform.
Custom data fields
Create and import custom contact data fields.
Integrations, admin and support
API connections to CRM/EHR/EMRs
Connect to a customer or patient database via API to automatically sync contact data.
Top rated U.S. support
Support team available via phone and email to assist with implementation, training and support.
Help center documentation
Learn how to use Paubox products with concise how-to articles and step-by-step instructions.
Secure Contact Form
Add a Secure Contact Form to your site as a unique Paubox URL.
Performance reporting
Track overall performance of email campaigns, track specific link clicks, and download reports.
Email link click tracking
Visual reporting for a quick glance view of campaign performance.
Data visualizations
Visual reporting for a quick glance view of campaign performance.
API endpoints
Automatically pull analytics and results into an external reporting dashboard via API endpoints.
Compliance and security
HIPAA compliant
Maintain the highest privacy and data protection with third party audits against HIPAA regulations.
HITRUST CSF certified
Safeguard your data with Paubox Email Suite, which has been HITRUST CSF certified for its rigorous controls.
Business associate agreement
Under HIPAA, organizations that use a service provider to process PHI on their behalf must put in place a business associate agreement with that service provider. Paubox includes BAAs with all accounts.
TLS protocols 1.2 & 1.3
As per NSA guidance, Paubox supports only TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3. The following obsolete protocols are not supported: SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.1.
Two-factor authentication
Require authentication beyond a username and password when logging into your Paubox account.
U.S. data centers
Rely on our cloud-based, redundant infrastructure with 99.99%, uptime. Customer data is stored encrypted at-rest and solely in U.S data centers.

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