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We got an interesting email today from a prospective Partner in Wisconsin. They asked:

What email platforms are supported by your email encryption?

Since we thought others might also want to know this answer, here's a post on the types of Email Platforms supported by Paubox.

Google Workspace with Paubox


Paubox is compatible with Google Workspace. Integrating Paubox with Google Workspace is straight-forward and takes less than 30 minutes to deploy across your entire organization. It should be noted that in order to get a Business Associate Agreement signed with Google, you'll need to have at least Google Workspace Basic. We often get asked whether having Google Workspace alone is sufficient for HIPAA compliant email. The short answer: If you do not intend to send any email from Google Workspace then yes, Google does provide HIPAA compliance for your email as it rests on their servers. If you're like most people and actually need to send email however, then you need to encrypt your email as it transits the internet. That's where Paubox comes in.

For further reading, we wrote a post answering the question:  Is Gmail HIPAA Compliant. Paubox Email Suite Plus also provides  Inbound Security for Google Workspace customers.

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Microsoft 365 with Paubox


Paubox is also compatible with Microsoft 365. Integrating Paubox with Microsoft 365 can be straight-forward and often takes less than 30 minutes to deploy across your entire organization. We sometimes get asked if using Microsoft 365 Encrypted Email bolt-on is "good enough" for HIPAA compliant email. While their encrypted email bolt-on is HIPAA compliant, many people (senders and recipients alike) hate the amount of friction that Microsoft's encrypted email solution introduces. Paubox Email Suite Plus also provides Inbound Security for Microsoft 365 customers. In fact, organizations using Microsoft 365 have reported an alarming number of HIPAA Email Breaches this year. Some orgs using Microsoft 365 have reported 2 HIPAA Email Breaches just in 2018. The data speaks for itself: Relying on Microsoft 365 alone for Inbound Email Security is not an effective security solution.

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Microsoft Exchange with Paubox


Paubox is compatible with all modern versions of Microsoft Exchange. This would include Exchange 2007 and above. Paubox Email Suite Plus excels at providing Inbound Security for Microsoft Exchange servers.

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Paubox Email API


The Paubox Email API is HIPAA Compliant Transaction Email service we released earlier this year. It has many meaningful use cases and we are excited for its future. Client Library Support We have client library support for six languages for our HIPAA compliant email API.

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Adobe Campaign Classic The Paubox Email API is also compatible with Adobe Campaign Classic. Our solution is also listed in the Adobe Exchange Marketplace.

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