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Paubox office visit: Abode Services

Paubox office visit: Abode Services


At Paubox, we prioritize user experience. We recognize that most email encryption solutions require more steps than necessary, and that can be tedious for those looking for a simple solution. Our straightforward HIPAA compliant email solution drives the success behind Paubox, but we're always looking to improve. With these onsite visits, we're doing just that. Last week, Paubox Senior Director of Customer Success, Roger Manson and I visited Abode Services. Here's some of our takeaways.


Abode + Paubox

Abode Services' mission is to end homelessness by assisting low-income, un-housed people (including those with special needs) to secure stable, supportive housing, as well as being advocates for the removal of the causes of homelessness.  They develop and implement innovative programs to end homelessness. Abode came into business with Paubox in order to meet HIPAA compliance for state agencies. They experienced a breach prior to having HIPAA compliant email, and some of the services they provide require a HIPAA compliant email solution from the government. Abode uses the Google Workspace email as their primary email communication, and Paubox encrypted their email through Gmail. Paubox provides inbound and outbound email encryption, however Abode only needed outbound encryption. We were able to provide this seamlessly. We like to check in with our customers to see how we can get better.


Dario, the one-man IT army


Abode has several offices throughout the Bay area, with over 250 users providing service to over 4,400 people a year. However, they only have a one-person IT department in the form of Dario Leob.

Paubox office visit: Abode Services (Abode is looking to increase their IT department as well as other areas – click here to see their openings.)


What Dario & Abode love about Paubox


Since Dario is the IT department, he appreciates that Paubox "just works". He also loves the responsiveness of Paubox's Customer Success Managers, which he mentioned several times during our onsite visit. Dario and Abode love the "simplicity and seamlessness" of Paubox, having chosen our encryption services over Zix Corp. In fact, they are looking into our new Paubox DLP Suite and are interested in email archiving.

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Suggestions for Paubox from Abode


Paubox office visit: Abode Services


Our talk with Dario covered a lot of topics, and we got great suggestions on some tweaks to notifications and our onboarding process. Especially, better preparing users for the transition to Paubox, as most don't realize that Paubox takes effect almost immediately (the downside to an easy deployment). These were both great points and you can bet we'll be tweaking our product and processes to address them. From Roger and I here at Paubox, we would like to thank Dario for his time and Abode for the great customer feedback. We look forward to seeing them again for a future Office Visit!


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