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Smart Text added to Paubox Marketing

Smart Text added to Paubox Marketing

Earlier this week, we used customer feedback from our Early Access Program customers to add Email Segmentation to Paubox Marketing. As we hoped, those customers immediately found ways to implement it into their HIPAA compliant email campaigns. On that note, I'm pleased to announce that we also released Smart Text to Paubox Marketing this week. This post will explain what Smart Text is, why we built it, and how you can use it.


What is Smart Text?

The term Smart Text is pretty widely used in technology, so we'll be clear on what it means to Paubox Marketing. Here's what Smart Text means as it relates to Paubox Marketing: Smart Text allows customers to insert Audience field data without the need to learn special programming syntax.


Why build Smart Text?

By building Smart Text into Paubox Marketing, marketing departments are now able to run personalized HIPAA compliant email marketing campaigns without engineering help. Our Paubox Marketing customers frequently tell us that while they work in an organization that has software engineers on staff, getting access to their time for marketing objectives is often a nonstarter. Let's jump to an example to illustrate how this is done.


How do I use Smart Text?

Smart Text added to Project Orca | Paubox If we look at the above screenshot, we can see how Smart Text can be utilized to personalize an email campaign or even compile an email report. The Smart Text drop-down menu can be accessed via any text block within a Promotion.


About Paubox Marketing

Paubox Marketing is our solution to the need we see in the market for HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing. To provide context, here’s several macro trends in healthcare:


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