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Base plays from a startup CEO

Base plays from a startup CEO

Early Paubox Customer Map - July 2016 Earlier this month, I heard NFL legend Joe Montana speak at the JSV Book Club in San Francisco. One of my key takeaways from that evening was Joe's affinity for Base Plays. Base Plays are the simple plays you learn early in the season. These are the same plays you go back to all the time. I strongly felt we could incorporate Base Plays into Paubox, so we set about and compiled them.


For us, Base Plays are the simple tactics and habits that got us to where we are. If we get in a rut or hit a rough patch, we can go back to our Base Plays to get back on track. For what it's worth to startup founders out there, here are my base plays as CEO of Paubox.



Always strive to be and remain relevant.


Hoala Greevy & Jeremiah Grossman - Paubox Base Plays


Arrive early

Do not be late.

Hoala Greevy & Sam Altman - Paubox Base Plays



Paubox is gonna be a monster. Keep in shape, avoid burnout.

Paubox Base Plays - Exercise



Don't forget to get in the water! This is who you are.

Holoholo. Paubox Base Plays


Customer Feedback

Never forget, use customer feedback as a roadmap of what to build and when to build it.


Dinner with Preston Terada - Paubox Base Plays


Dance with the one that brought you

Take care of the folks that got you here.


Dinner with Blaine Kahoonei - Paubox Base Plays


Community Service

The Leader always gives back.


Base Plays from a Startup CEO - Paubox


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