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How to "export" your analytics with the Paubox Marketing API

How to

Earlier this month, we shared our API first approach to HIPAA compliant marketing automation. In essence, we outlined how we're building API endpoints on the backend, documenting them in our Developer Docs, sharing our progress via blog posts, and then having our engineering team build user-friendly interfaces by dogfooding those same API endpoints.

This week, we'll discuss a question a customer recently asked us about creating a comprehensive dashboard. It also happens to correlate with our API first approach.

In a nutshell, their question went like this: "How can we create a 'master dashboard' on our end that would allow us to see how much a single individual has engaged with our email outreach?"

This post will explain how to achieve that for Paubox Marketing.


Exporting Analytics via Paubox Marketing API

Paubox Marketing has an API endpoint for analytics. This means that instead of exporting analytics manually (downloading a CSV file), Paubox Marketing customers can instead reference the analytics API endpoint in their codebase.

To circle back on our customer's question, their master dashboard would reference the analytics endpoint to render user/patient engagement in whatever manner suits them.

Here's a relevant screenshot (ask your developer): Example code


Looking ahead: Analytics Endpoint for Paubox Email API

As we enter summer, we've already begun work on offering a similar analytics API endpoint for Paubox Email API, our REST API for HIPAA compliant email.

By delivering this, customers who use both Paubox Marketing and Paubox Email API can build a unified master dashboard on their end for both solutions.


Paubox Marketing

Prior to its launch, healthcare providers were stuck with generic messaging because it was impossible to personalize email with patient information without violating HIPAA regulations.

Now you can send your patients personalized messages that include PHI using our HIPAA compliant email marketing service, Paubox Marketing.


  • Grow your business. Send targeted, personalized messages that resonate with your audience.
  • Increase patient engagement. Drive engagement by including PHI in your HIPAA compliant email campaigns to create personalized and relevant messaging.
  • Track results. Access real-time analytics to track marketing campaign performance.
  • Improve patient outcomes. Ensure that patients don't miss vital treatment by sending email reminders and recommendations for additional services.


Paubox Marketing is HITRUST CSF certified and is free to use for up to 100 contacts. The free plan also includes a business associate agreement.


Kickstart your HIPAA compliant email marketing with Paubox Marketing

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