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After launching v1 of Project Paubox Marketing on Christmas day, we quickly went to work gathering customer feedback. One of our founding principles at Paubox is that we use customer feedback as a roadmap of what to build and when to build it. Paubox Marketing is no different. We must pay attention to our customers' business problems in order to further improve the solution. As such, I'd like to thank an early adopter, The Queen's Health Systems, for their request to incorporate segmentation into Paubox Marketing.


What is Segmentation in Email Marketing?

Segmentation can be thought of as the separation of email subscribers into smaller groups based on certain criteria. Segmentation is typically used as a personalization tactic to deliver relevant email marketing to subscribers. In healthcare, examples of personalization can include:

In a nutshell, healthcare digital marketing managers find email segmentation powerful because they can cater to different patient groups, rather than creating one mass message for all.


Paubox Marketing

Paubox Marketing is our solution to the need we see in the market for HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing. To provide context, here's several macro trends in healthcare:


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