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I attended my fist Society of Physician Entrepreneurs [SoPE] meetup yesterday in San Mateo. It was held at the The San Mateo County Medical Association building, which was quite impressive. I arrived early and got busy networking.

Here are some of the new connections I made: Larry Atkins is Managing Director of The Lawrence Group. His background includes being the CEO of a $175 million NASDAQ company, directing start-ups and turnarounds, restructuring organizations and leading multiple mergers and acquisitions, raising equity and debt capital, recruiting, hiring and developing line and functional leaders. Bethany Riebock is transitioning from speech-language pathology to User Experience (UX) and design. After some opening remarks by chapter president Uli Chettipally, the presentations got underway.


Patient-Centered Care: Society of Physician Entrepreneurs SF - Paubox The San Mateo County Medical Association building


Benjamin Wang, MD: Nevap, Inc.



Benjamin Wang, MD: Society of Physician Entrepreneurs SF - Paubox

Benjamin Wang, MD: Founder of Nevap, Inc Benjamin Wang, CEO of Nevap, Inc., gave the first presentation. He quickly handed the mic to two students who reported their research findings on his equipment. NeVap is a medical device start-up company that has developed a device to prevent common Hospital Acquired Infections.

Benjamin Wang, MD is the founder of Nevap, Inc - Paubox


Uli Chettipally: The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Uli Chettipally, MD. - SoPE

Uli Chettipally went second with a presentation on AI in Healthcare. Uli is the co-founder and CTO of CREST Network, a multi-center, collaborative network that encourages, enables, and executes research in emergency medicine. He's also designed, developed and implemented a region-wide clinical decision support platform to deliver real-time predictive analytics to the physicians. As a fruit of his labor, he was awarded the "Pioneer" award by Kaiser Permanente Innovations.


Robin Farmanfarmaian: Hacking Healthcare


Robin Farmanfarmaian: Hacking Healthcare

The keynote presentation was given by Robin Farmanfarmaian. Robin is high energy! She is currently:

  • Vice President of Invicta Medical, a Medical Device company for non-invasive sleep apnea and acute care.
  • A Best Selling Author: The Patient as CEO: How Technology Empowers the Healthcare Consumer (I bought it last night on my phone).
  • A Serial Entrepreneur and Speaker.
  • An Angel Investor with a deep understanding of the convergence of accelerating technology and how that is impacting and disrupting medicine.

Overall it was a successful meetup and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Robin Farmanfarmaian - Patient-Centered Care: Society of Physician Entrepreneurs SF - Paubox


About Society of Physician Entrepreneurs [SoPE] SF Bay Area


Patient-Centered Care: Society of Physician Entrepreneurs SF - Paubox

SoPE SF Bay Area is a not-for-profit biomedical and healthcare innovation network. Their mission is to provide a community-based platform for biomedical and healthcare entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate. SoPE SF Bay Area supports healthcare professionals and individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. SoPE's peer-to-peer network empowers entrepreneurs by providing the education, connections, experience and funding opportunities necessary to commercialize ideas, inventions and discoveries. Members include: Entrepreneurs, service providers, investors , industry partners, academics and others interested in biomedical and health innovation.


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