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Rebecca Woodcock, Digital Health EIR at 500 Startups

The confluence of being part of the 500 Startups network, having an office in San Francisco and being in the digital health space is paying dividends for our company.

In January we hosted a fireside chat at 500 Startups. We called it "The Future of Digital Health in a Trump Presidency." We gathered some of the best in digital health thought leadership:

  • Geoffrey Clapp, Health technology entrepreneur and Paubox adviser
  • Rebecca Woodcock, Entrepreneur in Residence, 500 Startups and head of digital health track
  • Noah Lewis, Managing Director, GE Ventures
  • Lan Anh Nguyen, CEO, ManageUP PRM


Building the Pipeline with 500 Startups

 Brett Fink, Partnerships & Business Development at 500 Startups - Paubox Brett Fink, Partnerships & Business Development at 500 Startups

Last month we joined the 500 Startups Perkhub network. We worked with Brett Fink to put together a special offer for all companies that are in the 500 Startups network ( #500Strong). We want to make it easy for startups to use Paubox!


HIPAA Audit Experts

 Bluegrass Biggs - Paubox Pau hana with BiggsB team

Thanks to an introduction from our adviser Geoff Clapp, we met up with Bluegrass Biggs, founder of BiggsB, Inc. Bluegrass is a compliance expert and a really cool dude. We're looking forward to working more with him.


B20 Digital Health Entrepreneurs

 Coffee with Jim Tharayil - Paubox Coffee with Jim Tharayil

This morning I had coffee with Jimson Tharayil, Founder of BenRevo. His company is in the current batch at 500 Startups SF (B20). I think our HIPAA Compliant Email API can help his company provide unique value to the organizations they're talking to. I'm also looking forward to working with them.

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B18 Digital Health Entrepreneurs

 Leapcure - 500 Startups - Paubox Our homies at Leapcure

We were in the digital health track of Batch 18 at 500 Startups last fall (B18). Our desks were arranged in an open floor plan, with the digital health cohort bunched together. We made fast friends with the Leapcure team, among others. They recently closed a big contract, so we helped them celebrate with a night out in the Mission district.

 Dan Miller - Level Therapy - Paubox Dropping off a birthday present for Dan Miller

Another B18 batch mate in the digital health track is Dan Miller, CEO of Level Therapy. Dan is a friend and customer. It was his birthday a few weeks ago, so I dropped off a couple Dungeness crabs that I caught off my kayak. He was stoked! We're of course looking forward to doing more business together.


New Friends from JPM Week

 Getting started with Adrian Pittman - Paubox Getting started with Adrian Pittman

Geoff Clapp gave me the scoops on some choice after party networking events during JPM week in San Francisco. At the GE Ventures evening event, I met Adrian Pittman of Orthogonal. As you can imagine, we're looking forward to doing more business with him.

 Power networking with Ran Ma and Roh Habibi during JPM Week - Paubox Power networking with Ran Ma and Roh Habibi during JPM Week

I met Roh Habibi at the Fenwick & West - Entrepreneurs: The Visionary Artists Reception at Williams-Sonoma at Union Square. Quite a party! And since I don't watch tv anymore, I didn't realize I was hanging out with a reality tv star. Turns out Roh went to the University of Hawaii, so we had an immediate connection. Later in the evening, we ran into TechCrunch rockstar and B18 batch mate Ran Ma of Siren Care. She was fresh off a plane from Las Vegas after winning the TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield contest. It's no small wonder that upon graduating from 500 Startups, many startups choose to leave where they originally started from and remain full-time in SF.


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