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Jane Wang: Proactive health evangelist

Jane Wang: Proactive health evangelist

Jane Wang sporting the SaaStr swag

I had lunch at Tu Lan with Jane Wang today. Jane is CEO of Optimity and their startup is on a mission to proactively tackle corporate wellness. She is also a part of the #500Strong Digital Health Network. We didn't have much time for lunch so we got our journals out and starting trading best practices on customer acquisition and retention.

Optimity has been finding repeatable success by hosting webinars so they've been doubling down on that. On our end, we've been seeing results with content marketing, so we've doubled down on that as well.

We're looking forward to cross pollinating our marketing strategies to achieve the win-win.

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About Optimity

Optimity is a corporate wellness platform with the industry's highest sustained participation rates. Their B2B SaaS solution helps employers leverage mobile apps and wearables to coach employees’ habits. They take a holistic approach to engage the busy modern professional. They also tailor to user preferences and support the high-risk segments of the employee population with targeted help.


About Tu Lan

 Jane Wang - Optimity - Tu Lan - Paubox Jane Wang the foodie model?

Tu Lan is one of the best Vietnamese spots in SF. It's located on what some people call skid row, right at the mouth of the Tenderloin. Our own Phuong Tran says it's "pretty good for SF," which means it's damn good. If you have a time-constrained power lunch and are in the Tenderloin, Tu Lan is your spot.

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