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After hosting a morning webinar to 80 prospects, I arrived to day one of SaaStr 2018 a bit late. The first presentation I attended was by Justin Kan, Founder of, Twitch and now Atrium. His presentation was titled, "Why I Now Love B2B More Than B2C." Here are my takeaways from Justin Kan's presentation:
  • In B2C, it’s hard to understand the drivers on what gets people to your website.
  • Founded in 2006.
  • Pivoted to Twitch in 2011.
  • Sold Twitch to Amazon in 2014 for $970M.
  • Re: "We kind of bumbled our way thru, trying different things... we got lucky."
  • "We rode a giant consumer wave."
  • In B2C, you need to ride a big wave. And get lucky.
  • B2C requires lots of leaps of faith.
  • In B2C, it’s a shot in the dark re: figuring out what your customers want.
  • Re: figuring out the second act in B2C, most companies aren't Google or Facebook. In other words, they get it wrong.
  • In B2B, success outcomes are in your hands.
  • Re: B2B: “You know if it's working cause people buy it. I really love that part.”
  • "There’s a lot of enterprise customers that want you to solve their problem."
  • Wants to get a tattoo on his arm, “do not start a startup.”
  • People don’t like working on enterprise software on their spare time. There’s less competition.
  • Considers himself an involuntary power user of legal services.

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SaaStr 2018: Justin Kan - Why I Now Love B2B More Than B2C - Paubox SaaStr Annual is the largest non-vendor confab in the world, uniting the global B2B SaaS community both online and off. SaaStr Annual aims to help everyone scale faster and with less stress. In 2018, over 10,000 Founders, Senior Executives, and VCs will come together over three action-packed days of high-quality networking, learning from those who’ve done it, and of course, great food, generously-poured drinks, and plenty of fun.

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