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Atrium 100th client party (with video)

Atrium 100th client party (with video)

It's taken three years living here, but Silicon Valley is starting to reveal to me how connected it is. Take today for example: I get an email from Tirto Adji (an investor in Paubox) recommending I attend a networking event this evening in San Francisco. The event RSVP system was powered by Splash, whose CEO Ben Hindman I had seen nearly jump out of his shoes at SaaStr last month at SaaStr Annual.

I skimmed the details, clicked the RSVP link, added it to my HIPAA compliant calendar, and got back to work. Upon arriving, I still had no idea what exactly Atrium was up to or who founded it. Thankfully one of their newer software engineers, Avi Moondra, struck up a convo with me and things fell into place. Turns out Atrium was founded by none other than Justin Kan, whom I had also blogged about at last month's SaaStr conference.


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When I spoke to Justin a few minutes later, I confirmed we have a mutual Hawaii friend in common, Doug Shimokawa. Along with Michael Seibel of Y Combinator, they went to Yale together as undergrads. Man, small world. Enjoy the pics and video from tonight's event. Congrats to Atrium on their 100+ clients in under six months! 



Atrium had 119 clients by the time the party started Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video) - Paubox
Atrium arranged an impressive taco bar spread Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)
Atrium client California Dreamin': First time I've seen a Cannabis-infused beverage Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)
Atrium client Morning Recovery: Best served before you get after it Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)

About Atrium

Justin Kan stood on a chair

Atrium builds technology that lets lawyers provide exceptional legal service better and faster. They accomplish that as a team of engineers, designers and lawyers working on legal products for high growth technology companies. In a nutshell, Atrium provides a better experience for legal clients than they previously thought possible: increasing communication, accuracy, and speed of service.

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