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Tt's taken three years living here, but Silicon Valley is starting to reveal to me how connected it is. Take today for example: I get an email from Tirto Adji (an investor in Paubox) recommending I attend a networking event this evening in San Francisco. The event RSVP system was powered by Splash, whose CEO Ben Hindman I had seen nearly jump out of his shoes at SaaStr last month at SaaStr Annual.

I skimmed the details, clicked the RSVP link, added it to my HIPAA compliant calendar, and got back to work. Upon arriving, I still had no idea what exactly Atrium was up to or who founded it. Thankfully one of their newer software engineers, Avi Moondra, struck up a convo with me and things fell into place. Turns out Atrium was founded by none other than Justin Kan, whom I had also blogged about at last month's SaaStr conference.


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When I spoke to Justin a few minutes later, I confirmed we have a mutual Hawaii friend in common, Doug Shimokawa. Along with Michael Seibel of Y Combinator, they went to Yale together as undergrads. Man, small world. Enjoy the pics and video from tonight's event. Congrats to Atrium on their 100+ clients in under six months! 



Atrium had 119 clients by the time the party started Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video) - Paubox
Atrium arranged an impressive taco bar spread Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)
Atrium client California Dreamin': First time I've seen a Cannabis-infused beverage Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)
Atrium client Morning Recovery: Best served before you get after it Atrium 100th Client Party (With Video)

About Atrium

Justin Kan stood on a chair

Atrium builds technology that lets lawyers provide exceptional legal service better and faster. They accomplish that as a team of engineers, designers and lawyers working on legal products for high growth technology companies. In a nutshell, Atrium provides a better experience for legal clients than they previously thought possible: increasing communication, accuracy, and speed of service.

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