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Here’s what you can expect to learn in this webinar:


  • A checklist of items to look out for when selecting new software or technology for your Healthcare practice
  • The value of teamwork in Healthcare and how to create a HIPAA compliant task management process
  • How to communicate with your patients in an effective, safe, and compliant manner that won’t put your organization at jeopardy
  • What we can learn from the current pandemic to help arm us for future health crises
  • Why a shared to-do list for patient care is transformative


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About the panelists



Co-founder and CEO, Dock Health

Michael Docktor, MD, is the co-founder & CEO of Dock Health, a HIPAA compliant task management and collaboration platform built for healthcare. Dock Health was spun out of Boston Children’s Hospital and seed-funded by August Capital in 2020. Michael remains a practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, where he was the former Clinical Director of Innovation and Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions.



Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Paubox

Greg has been a member of the Paubox team since the beginning. He builds and maintains customer relationships by helping customers solve email security problems and navigate through internal policies and procedures. He focuses on helping customers communicate securely and effectively in the heavily regulated industry that is healthcare.