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Healthcare During a Recession: 3 Essential Considerations and the Role of Email Security

Healthcare During a Recession: 3 Essential Considerations and the Role of Email Security

As the U.S. grapples with the possibility of an economic downturn, healthcare providers — and the IT, security, and compliance teams that support them — are in a unique position: The recent pandemic demonstrated that healthcare is not as recession-proof as we once thought, and that leaves those providers trying to anticipate a wide range of unfamiliar challenges.

You'll learn:

  •  The 3 trends we’re expecting to see if the U.S. moves into a recession
  •  How healthcare organizations can prepare, keep patients engaged, and protect ROI
  •  Discover the role of email security in preparing for these recession trends



About the speakers



Vice President of Marketing at Paubox

With nearly 25 years of experience in B2B technology and HIT, Shawn has spent most of his career helping organizations collaborate and communicate securely and effectively.

During his time as an executive at KLAS, a leading healthcare IT research company, Shawn saw firsthand the obstacles providers face in balancing regulatory compliance and a superior patient experience – a challenge Paubox is helping thousands of organizations to solve.

Prior to joining Paubox, Shawn previously held leadership positions with several B2B SaaS companies. Shawn, his wife and five children reside in Pleasant Grove, Utah, and he is a graduate of Brigham Young University.




President & Co-CEO at Healthcare Performance Group, Inc.

Andy is the President and Co-CEO of Healthcare Performance Group, Inc. (HPG). A founding partner at HPG, he has over 20 years of consulting experience specialized in Hospital EHR implementation and support.

As a VP at HPG Andy created and managed all of the consulting services, Application Services, Project Management, and Support Services. As an EHR consultant Andy was able to combine his enthusiasm for computers along with his degree as a Medical Technologist (ASCP MT) to help Hospitals and Health Care Organizations implement new applications.

Andy previously served as HPG’s Chief Technology Officer for many years and has a passion for IT and IT Security.


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