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How the Paubox Email API can help fight the pandemic

How the Paubox Email API can help fight the pandemic

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this webinar:


  • How automating parts of the contact tracing process can help save lives, time, and money
  • The importance of frictionless test result delivery
  • How using a HIPAA compliant email API service is a hassle-free way to keep patient PHI protected
  • How and why adding extra steps via a patient portal to retrieve electronic health communication slows down and decreases open rates
  • Other use cases for Paubox Email API and how it can help your healthcare organization, from prescription reminders to billing invoices


About our panelists


Nick Wong

Nick Wong, Email API Specialist at Paubox

Nick Wong is a Software Engineer at Paubox and an undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on Ethics. He has recently spoke at Paubox SECURE: a digital health security conference where he shared about the endless possibilities that Paubox’s Email API grants developers in securing communication within their projects.
Padmanabhan’s podcast, The Big Unlock, features interviews with executives from the healthcare and technology sectors.


Dan Dorszynski

Software Engineer, Paubox

Dan has been developing for the web since before Facebook, Twitter, and Google were even ideas. Totally ignoring his degree in civil and environmental engineering from Stanford, Dan spent the last twenty years as an independent web development contractor both in Hawaii and Wisconsin, where he currently lives.



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