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Enable Dental

Enable Dental

Enable Dental is a group dental practice that provides at-home and in-community dental services, primarily to geriatric and special needs individuals. Enable brings clinicians, equipment, and supplies to the patient so they don’t have to go into the office. The practice coordinates healthcare visits and ensures that providers have the expertise needed to work with the patient population.

The practice focuses on patients with physical and medical challenges that prevent them from having access to traditional brick-and-mortar dental practices. “We start by asking, ‘How is it best for the patient to get care?’ rather than ‘How has it always been done?’ or ‘What is easiest for clinicians or administration?’” said Benjamin Tiggelaar, President of Enable dental.

After first opening in Austin, TX, the company rebranded as Enable Dental in 2017 to grow to more places. Today, Enable Dental serves tens of thousands of patients in four states, with thousands of visits per month.



Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2017
  • Number of locations: 7 metro markets
  • Paubox client since 2018



Use case

Sending secure, HIPAA compliant emails at scale


  • Save time when sending notification emails to referral partners, patients, and responsible parties
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance and protect PHI
  • Improve email deliverability
  • Make it simple for patients to open secure emails without needing to go through a portal

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Automatic encryption
  • Security
  • Deliverability
  • Ease of use for recipients




In addition to serving individuals in their homes, Enable Dental works with many senior living communities. Facility administrators wanted to know when the dentist or hygienist would be coming to their location in order to alert residents and family members of the upcoming visit. However, as a dental practice, Enable needed to make sure that any email communications were secure to safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI).

“Originally, we were manually sending out secure emails to share upcoming visit information. Now that we’ve grown, we needed a scalable, automated solution that ensures we are communicating the correct information in order for visits to be successful. The administrative burden became too much so we developed a solution on the Paubox Email API,” Tiggelaar explained.



Enable Dental started using Paubox Email Suite to send HIPAA compliant email with no cumbersome portals, logins, passwords, or keywords needed. When it was time for the practice to send automated secure emails at scale, Paubox Email API proved to be the right fit.

“We already used Paubox, and when I looked into email API solutions, there were not many alternative solutions. Recipients had to click into a separate box through a portal just to read every email we sent. As a result, faced daily communication challenges with our partners who just need to be able to read an email without additional hurdles,” Tiggelaar noted.

Paubox Email API combines HIPAA compliance with the ease of email automation, bringing Paubox’s zero-step email encryption to emails at scale. Recipients receive secure, encrypted emails right in their inboxes, with no extra steps needed –- they just click “open.” Like all of Paubox’s solutions, Paubox Email API is HITRUST CSF certified, validating that the solution meets the industry’s highest email security and HIPAA compliance standards.

Enable Dental uses Paubox Email API to send automated encrypted emails to the senior living facilities where patients live. The facilities can then provide additional patient referrals if someone has an immediate dental need like a denture adjustment or a filling replaced. “Sending out these emails ensures that our records and the facility’s records are correct, resulting in patients and responsible parties getting exactly what they need, when they need it,” Tiggelaar said.

The company also appreciates Paubox’s responsiveness. Whenever Enable’s IT team runs into problems, Paubox’s team is ready to help immediately. Enable Dental’s clients are now getting the information they need, and their emails now have a much higher open rate than before. At the same time, patients’ PHI remains protected end to end.



Since October, Enable Dental has sent more than 175,000 encrypted emails on behalf of 69 employees with Paubox. Using Paubox Email API, the practice sends nearly 1,500 emails a month.

Sending encrypted emails at scale, rather than copying and pasting saves significant time for Enable’s employees. “We’ve really saved time from not having to send out thousands of emails per year. The accuracy is higher, and the deliverability is higher,” Tiggelaar concluded.

 The practice is considering expanding its use of Paubox Email API to send more personalized messages. Enable Dental will be able to serve patients and families better while guaranteeing that their PHI remains secure.


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