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Sedera Email API

Sedera Email API

Sedera is a non-profit Medical Cost Sharing community that offers an innovative, non-insurance approach to managing large health care costs.  Through direct member-to-member sharing, Sedera Members belong to a community of like-minded individuals who are active and engaged participants in their health care decision-making, dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, and are united by shared values. 

Sedera offers a cutting-edge tech platform for medical cost-sharing, in a transparent, secure, and innovative fashion. Sedera prides itself on empowering its members to take an active role in their healthcare decision-making and encourages its members to lead healthy lifestyles. 

Sedera sees itself and medical cost sharing as an important part of the free-market healthcare ecosystem, aimed at creating options for consumers, promoting price transparency across the system, and removing red tape.

“Our approach solves the problems of accessibility, lack of transparency, and lack of affordability in healthcare. Sedera wants to make new solutions the new normal,” said Ken Dabkowski, senior project manager at Sedera.



Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2014
  • Number of locations: 1 headquarters, with a remote workforce
  • Paubox client since 2018



Use case

Drive innovation while maintaining HIPAA compliance


  • Enable internal development team to bring innovations to members while ensuring security
  • Save time for members while building Sedera’s community feel
  • Offer a high level of security for every email notification
  • Avoid extra steps, reducing barriers for email senders and recipients

Used solution

Paubox Email API

Favorite features

  • Security that ensures HIPAA compliance
  • Easy integration with third-party technology
  • Outstanding customer service and support




As a fintech-enabled medical cost-sharing company, Sedera’s work combines two highly regulated industries: banking and healthcare. “We have a lot of needs because we need to secure both banking data and medical information,” Dabkowski noted. In looking for a secure email solution, “we wanted to consider both user experience and security.”

Sedera transmits a high volume of data daily, so HIPAA compliant email is a must. It is committed to ensuring that its nationwide network complies with all applicable state privacy laws. At the same time, Sedera wanted to develop a sense of community among its members through personalization and connection. 

Delivering a customized community experience while keeping data secure is a tall order. “That’s what led us to Paubox,” Dabkowski explained. 

Sedera sends many personalized, automated email notifications to members to foster a sense of community. For example, when a member contributes funds to help pay for another member’s medical need, Sedera sends auto-generated notifications. Sedera’s system needs to ensure HIPAA compliance for every communication with members, including notifications like these and other emails to members.



A Sedera employee had heard great things about Paubox, so the company took a closer look. They were impressed by Paubox Email API’s combination of security and seamlessness, which makes it easy for Sedera to guarantee that communications are secure every time. Paubox Email API brings Paubox’s user-friendly simplicity to organizations that seek to send transactional emails at scale. Recipients receive secure, encrypted emails right in their inboxes, with no extra steps needed. Paubox Email API is simple for developers to use, making it easy to integrate our HITRUST CSF certified solution into applications. Paubox’s solution integrated easily with Google Workspace, which is an advantage, and the implementation process was easy and hassle-free.

As Sedera continues to improve its offering through innovation, the team uses Paubox Email API for development. “We’re always building new products and new technology, all of which involve various third-party integration that needs to be secure,” Dabkowski added.



Over the last month, Sedera has sent nearly 10,000 emails to members using Paubox Email API. Sedera’s team appreciates the time savings they realize by using Paubox. Paubox Email API enables Sedera to continue focusing on tech-driven innovations to improve the member-to-member medical cost-sharing community they have created. The reduced risk with automatic HIPAA compliant email offers priceless value.

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