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Rollover Rep

Rollover Rep

Rollover Rep is an answering service based out of California that assists addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare centers after hours or when the organization is unavailable. The company's goal is always to have a representative available, ensuring every caller needing help gets an answer.   

Most treatment and behavioral healthcare centers operate under normal business hours, but someone may decide to seek treatment at any time. Rollover Rep believes each of those individuals deserves to talk to someone. 

By understanding their clients' processes, Rollover Rep will share all relevant information as soon as the client's staff is available.

Rollover Rep's impact is huge; they estimate fielding between 10,000 and 15,000 phone calls monthly. Each month, they also send roughly 20,000 emails to treatment providers. These emails have to be HIPAA compliant, secure, and easy for treatment centers across the US to open. That's why they've turned to Paubox's Email API.

Paubox chatted with Tyler Laracuente, Chief Technology Officer at Rollover Rep, to learn how the company has implemented Paubox’s API for easier, safer communications.

Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2015
  • Hybrid-remote operations


Addiction and Mental Health Care

Use case

Sending and receiving protected health information; HIPAA compliance


  • Easy for providers to open; frictionless
  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Reliable communication with no downtime

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Easy to build on
  • Secure
  • Cost-effective


The Challenge

Rollover Rep has been operating across the United States for nine years and works with approximately 100 treatment facilities. Despite working with a large number of facilities, Rollover Rep has a relatively small team with around 40 employees, including corporate workers and individuals working directly with patients, but with increasing demand, Rollover Rep has been rapidly growing and has no plans to stop.   

According to Laracuente, the business's success is "directly tied to the success of people who are seeking help." Rollover Rep seeks to respond to as many individuals seeking help with addiction or mental health care as possible. 

One of their major focuses? Communication uptime.

Rollover Rep wants to ensure anyone who needs help gets it–and gets it quickly. "Even a few minutes or a few hours of downtime for us is critical and has healthcare implications," said Laracuente.

While Rollover Rep's focus is answering calls, there's a lot more that goes into it. The company takes notes on every interaction, gathering relevant information for the treatment center.

All of the information is ultimately emailed to the patient's treatment provider. With so many critical emails being sent daily, Rollover Rep needed a safe, effective, and straightforward email system. However, most email services are complicated, expensive, or lack security. That's why Rollover Rep turned to Paubox. 

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The Solution

Rollover Rep has been using Paubox's Email API for five years with outstanding success. According to Laracuente, the company had tried other secure solutions like Hushmail, but they "would require all these extra steps or an additional login to a platform…And so there were many steps and a lot of friction in between getting a notification and actually seeing the actional information." 

With treatment centers receiving hundreds of emails, it was a tricky and time-consuming process for the centers Rollover Rep works with. 

Although the company considered many options, Laracuente said nothing stood out quite like Paubox, which had all the security features Rollover Rep needed without the hassle.

"When you look at Paubox, when you do research and you look through the documentation or you read more of the detailed articles that guys put out, you see that security is first and foremost," said Laracuente.  

Rollover Rep also needed an API that would work for their use case. From conducting their own research and learning about how Paubox Email API can be used to collect information from various internal forms and send emails in a reliable, HIPAA compliant way, Rollover Rep knew the API would be able to meet all of their needs.  

Once the decision was made to use Paubox, Laracuente said they immediately began receiving positive feedback from the providers they worked with, who loved how simple it was to open secure emails.

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The Results

Laracuente said that once the team researched Paubox, they knew it was the right fit, "We can trust in Paubox not only because of the expertise on your side and the focus on security, but also because of the commitment to use best practices and the most secure email providers that are out there." 

While new implementations can always lead to unique or unforeseen challenges, Rollover Rep found setting up Paubx to be straightforward. "The ease of implementation was really, really helpful," Laracuente shared, "And it still is helpful today because we were able to prototype [exactly what we needed]..and since then, we've been able to release new features really easily." 

For instance, when the company decided to start using email attachments, "It wasn't a matter of weeks or months to implement that. It was a matter of days for us before we had a prototype that we thought we were happy with." 

With a highly capable team, Rollover Rep is able to build using Paubox's API on their own, but if they ever need support, Laracuente knows they'll be able to get it. "We have had needs for help from Paubox in the past, and the support team has been fantastic," he said.  

Using Paubox has been critical for Rollover Rep's mission; they always want to be able to answer a call or send an email. Using our API features, they'll never have to worry about sending emails safely, securely, and simply. 

Learn more about Paubox's Email API today.



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