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Rupa Health

Rupa Health

Rupa Health is a fast-growing company dedicated to making it super simple for medical practitioners to order specialty lab testing. They serve providers who want to get to the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. 

Getting to the root cause of disease takes extra time – and it often takes extra lab tests. Rupa Health partners with more than 25 clinical laboratory companies that provide specialized testing. 

Through Rupa Health’s web portal, healthcare providers can order a wide range of specialty lab tests, simplifying the ordering process. “It’s a pain for practitioners to deal with each of these different labs independently. There is a significant paperwork burden,” said Benjamin Easton, co-founder of Rupa Health and its head of engineering. “We take care of the paperwork, which means that the providers can get back to what’s most important – making people healthy.”



Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2019
  • Number of locations: Headquartered in San Francisco with a remote workforce
  • Paubox client since 2020


Health IT

Use case

Supporting growth with automated notifications for patients and providers


  • Integrate a HIPAA compliant email API that was simple and easy to use
  • Send secure, encrypted emails to patients and medical practitioners
  • Demonstrate trust to provider clients with a HITRUST CSF®-certified solution

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Trusted HITRUST CSF® certification
  • Simplicity of API
  • HIPAA compliant email security




Because Rupa Health uses a web portal for ordering tests and reviewing results, there are many notification emails that the company needs to send automatically. From automatic confirmation of tests ordered to patient test result notifications, Rupa Health must send HIPAA compliant emails at scale. The company’s reputation rests on its ability to safeguard personal health information (PHI), protecting the providers Rupa Health serves as well as the patients those providers are caring for.

For those reasons, Rupa Health looked for aHIPAA compliant email API that would enable them to seamlessly encrypt every automated notification and email. “Because we are sending emails to patients and practitioners, we wanted to use something secure so that we were fully covered for HIPAA compliance,” explained Easton.



The Rupa Health team searched for a secure email API, evaluating many of the options on the market. The company chose Paubox Email API because it offered the right combination of security and simplicity. Whether a company sends 100 automated emails or 100,000, Paubox Email API ensures that every email is encrypted and secure. Other solutions were more complicated. Paubox, on the other hand, took only a couple of hours of software development to implement. “It’s a straightforward and simple API,” Easton added.

Another advantage was Paubox Email API’s HITRUST CSF® certification, the gold standard for email encryption in the healthcare industry. Using an email API that is HITRUST certified gives Rupa Health’s clients confidence. “Paubox Email API’s HITRUST certification was a big plus, especially as we start to work with more enterprise clients, who want an extra layer of security and compliance,” Easton noted.

The company uses Paubox Email API to send thousands of notifications a month. It also uses the API to educate patients about specific tests. Paubox Email API gives Rupa Health the flexibility it needs to continue meeting providers and patients’ needs as the company grows and expands.



Over a recent four-week period, Rupa Health sent more than 11,200 secure, HIPAA compliant emails using Paubox Email API. The greatest benefit for Rupa Health is peace of mind. “I’m confident that I can relax and know that all the messages are being kept safe and secure. I don’t have to worry about leaks,” Easton concluded.


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