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What is healthcare marketing?

What is healthcare marketing?

Healthcare marketing refers to a series of strategic tools and initiatives that help attract new patients and keep existing patients engaged throughout the care journey. 

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of building a solid healthcare marketing plan. Plus, find out how to strengthen your efforts while protecting patient privacy with a HIPAA compliant email marketing platform.


Why healthcare marketing matters

Patient-provider interactions have evolved significantly in recent years, due to digital transformation. As the internet has become a go-to resource for health information, a company’s online presence plays a bigger role in decision-making than ever before. 

Therefore, standard marketing tactics aren’t always enough to meet individuals’ growing expectations. Healthcare marketers must ensure that they are creating personalized content that focuses on the patients’ needs and the specific information they care about to drive better outcomes.


Key benefits

There are many advantages of healthcare marketing. First, it showcases expertise and increases brand awareness. Since healthcare is a highly competitive space, engaging in the right marketing strategies is a crucial way for companies to stand out and highlight what makes them unique.  

Delivering relevant content at the right time will also improve patient relationships, which ultimately helps grow your business. Tailored healthcare marketing allows more prospects to find you. At the same time, it leads to more engagement and loyalty from current patients. 


Types of healthcare marketing

The overall goal of healthcare marketing is to engage patients and maintain their interest. However, there are various approaches to explore. 

Your website essentially serves as the hub of your marketing efforts. In addition to hosting forms, patient portals, and other important resources, your website is typically the initial point of contact. You can make a solid first impression by ensuring that all information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

Social media is another popular form of healthcare marketing, which can be used to post reviews and provide education. Posting tips, research, and other industry-specific content is a great way to boost your organization’s credibility. 

Email marketing is an especially valuable method to connect with prospective patients. Collecting email addresses through another marketing channel will populate your list with people who are actually interested in your information and are more likely to engage. 

Still, it’s crucial to deliver email marketing content that provides value. This might include sending a newsletter with healthcare-related updates or articles on conditions that your practice specializes in. Both strategies serve to build more trust with your patients.

However, keep in mind that email addresses are considered PHI when linked to a health condition. In order to stay HIPAA compliant, make sure you are using a HIPAA compliant email service. In addition, any third-party email marketing vendor you work with must sign a business associate agreement (BAA). 


Make security a priority with Paubox

Many healthcare businesses are hesitant to leverage healthcare email marketing because they worry about privacy issues. But with Paubox Marketing, HIPAA compliance and email marketing no longer have to be mutually exclusive. 

Prior to its launch, healthcare providers were stuck with generic messaging because it was impossible to personalize email with patient information without violating HIPAA email rules. 

Now, Paubox Marketing allows you to send secure, targeted emails including PHI to increase patient engagement and build your business—all while remaining HIPAA compliant. Recipients can also conveniently access secure marketing emails directly into their inbox, without having to access a separate portal or take any other extra steps. 

Paubox Marketing is HITRUST CSF certified and free to use for up to 100 contacts. The free plan also includes a business associate agreement for all customers. Start for free today.

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