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Why is mail scrubbing important for email marketing?

Why is mail scrubbing important for email marketing?

Mail scrubbing is important for email marketing success. It is the process of periodically removing inactive and non-engaged contacts from your email list. 

It is recommended that marketers scrub their email list a few times per year to help them maintain a good reputation and improve campaign performance. 

Keep reading to learn more about mail scrubbing and why it’s important. Plus, find out how HIPAA compliant email marketing can take healthcare providers’ efforts to the next level. 


Mail scrubbing is important to email marketing


One key advantage of mail scrubbing is improved deliverability. If a high percentage of emails are bouncing, that can affect your ability to reach the right people. It can even lead to penalties by email providers.

Mail scrubbing will ensure that more of your emails are getting to subscribers’ inboxes. Taking the time to remove any bounced email addresses will ultimately reduce those high bounce rates. 


Improve your email marketing metrics


Another benefit of mail scrubbing is better metrics. When inactive subscribers stay on your list, this negatively affects your click-through and open rates. By eliminating the subscribers who never engage with your campaigns, you will only be emailing people who you know are actually interested in your business.

Additionally, mail scrubbing will lead to more accurate reporting. When your email list is filled with unengaged subscribers, this can skew your metrics. Therefore, it can be difficult to truly determine how your email marketing strategy is performing. 

When you have a smaller list that’s genuinely interacting with your content, your statistics will be more precise. You can then confidently use that data to direct your future initiatives. 


When do you know it's time to scrub your email marketing list?


One crucial sign that it’s time to scrub your email list is a drop in your open and click-through rates. If these numbers are regularly below the average rates for your industry, your list quality might need a closer look. 

Another red flag to look for is an increase in spam complaints, which can ultimately harm your organization's reputation. This suggests that you may be sending irrelevant emails or not meeting your subscribers' expectations in some other way. Whatever the case may be, those subscribers are better off removed from your list. 

On a similar note, try to pay attention to any jumps in unsubscribes. A greater amount of unsubscribes is also a warning that your content may not be aligning in some way with subscribers’ preferences. 


Boost healthcare email marketing results with Paubox Marketing


Mail scrubbing is an important practice, but it’s not a foolproof way to improve your marketing efforts. Healthcare providers can go one step further to create more meaningful connections with a HIPAA compliant email marketing platform. That’s where Paubox Marketing comes in. 


3 ways Paubox Marketing will help your healthcare email marketing


Prior to its launch, healthcare providers were stuck with generic messaging because it was impossible to personalize email with patient information while complying with HIPAA email rules. With Paubox Marketing, you can: 

  1. Boost patient engagement. Including protected health information (PHI) in your HIPAA compliant email campaigns allows you to create targeted and relevant messaging.
  2. Increase visibility. Paubox Marketing maximizes email deliverability, so emails avoid spam folders, and real-time dashboards identify the most impactful campaigns.
  3. Improve patient outcomes. Ensure that patients don’t miss vital treatment by sending email reminders and recommendations for additional services.

Paubox Marketing is HITRUST-CSF certified and free to use for up to 100 contacts. The free plan also includes a business associate agreement.


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