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7 easy steps to include PHI in marketing emails

7 easy steps to include PHI in marketing emails

Learn how you can send protected health information (PHI) in healthcare email marketing in 7 simple steps in our blog.

Using PHI to personalize healthcare marketing emails can be transformative for your patients. It allows you to talk to them about specific conditions, treatment options and advice. The impact can be life-changing.

However, you cannot send PHI in email unless it's HIPAA compliant. Read on to learn how to reach your patients through personal and HIPAA compliant email marketing in 7 simple steps.


7 easy steps to include PHI in healthcare email marketing


1. Use a HIPAA compliant email marketing platform, like Paubox Marketing

2. Send a warm-up email to confirm recipients' email addresses before you send any PHI

Before sending any marketing messages that include PHI, send everyone on your email list a message asking them to confirm their identity. This is the perfect way to ask them to opt in as well. 

3. Have patients opt in to marketing emails

If you plan on sending emails that fall under HIPAA’s definition of marketing, ensure your patients authorize receiving messages from you by:

  1. Obtaining opt-in authorization for marketing emails, as required by the HHS
  2. Including the CAN-SPAM Act unsubscribe option for all marketing messages

A double opt in is a route to consider to confirm identity and willingness to receive healthcare emails. 

4. Use a "send from" address that an actual human monitors

Do not send email from "" or any other email address that someone on your team will not read. 

It is important that people can easily contact you if they are not the person you think they are. The "send from" email address can easily be edited in Paubox Marketing's admin panel, so configure this properly before sending your first email.

5. Include an unsubscribe button

Having people confirm that they want to receive your emails will ensure that recipients want to hear from you and will be less likely to mark your emails as spam.

In addition, as required by the CAN-SPAM Act, any emails sent with the Paubox Marketing software include an "unsubscribe" button by default.

6. Include your physical address

The CAN-SPAM Act also requires you to include your physical address in your marketing emails. Fortunately, this is a required field in Paubox Marketing, so you will not be able to send an email without it.

7. In the case of Paubox Marketing, include a footer that states the email is secured by a HITRUST CSF certified product

Give your recipients peace of mind, knowing that you are keeping their PHI secured. 


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