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Yesterday I focused my energy on our social mixer, which we held at the Vista Cay poolside bar. Our social mixer was a hit. We had a solid crowd of about 25 people in a relaxed atmosphere. We made a bunch of new friends and business contacts.

HIMSS17 Social Mixer - Left Right Center

HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer - Paubox Left Right Center was a hit

I learned how to play Left Right Center from my family in Bakersfield, so I brought the game with me to HIMSS17. It's a very simple, fun game that gets better with larger groups. We had about a dozen people play and I made sure to have a stack of dollar bills with me.

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox Greg Hoffman stacking cash with Left Right Center

It didn't take long for the entire table to get ramped up big time. It sounded like a craps table from a distance =)

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox Searching for the third dice

At some point one of the dice got rolled into a pocket, thus leaving us with only 2 dice. Allie Kibby was a good sport and tried her best to retrieve it.

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox Vijaya "VP" Priya took the prize

Vijaya "VP" Priya was the eventual winner. She is sharp!

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox Our bartender Adam took good care of us

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox CMU Grad School group pic


HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox w/ Ryan Freitas The only Hawaiians at HIMSS17

My buddy Ryan Freitas flew from Hawaii to attend HIMSS17. I was stoked he dropped by our social mixer.

 HIMSS17 Orlando Social Mixer by Paubox Evan Fitzgerald and our new friends

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