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Eleven hours in the air - our journey to HIMSS17

Eleven hours in the air - our journey to HIMSS17

Last year we Made the Internet Great Again at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas. With HIMSS17 being in Orlando this year, we went in search of the cheapest airfare from San Francisco. As it would turn out, the cheapest way to Orlando would involve some whiskey, a layover in Los Angeles, delayed flights, crowded gates, screaming babies, and unresponsive Uber drivers (in Orlando, not SF of course).

SFO to Orlando - HIMSS17 Eleven Hours in the Air – Our Journey to HIMSS17 - Paubox Fueling up at SFO

We met up at SFO Saturday afternoon at around 5pm to begin our journey. Not wanting to fly on an empty stomach, we got some grub at Lark Creek Grill, which incidentally always seems to be adjacent to the gate we depart from. Our initial flight to LAX was late, so we lingered a bit longer at Lark Creek.


HIMSS17 First Takeaway - Uber in Orlando

 Eleven Hours in the Air – Our Journey to HIMSS17 - Paubox No Sleep til Orlando

After grueling flights from SFO to LAX and then LAX to MCO, we arrived in Orlando. I think Greg Hoffman got the most sleep, even though the woman next to him fell asleep on his shoulder while wearing an air mask. And the babies- we were surrounding by crying babies. Mitch Steckbauer also lucked out by sitting next to a guy with an apparent OCD affliction for playing solitaire from the flight screen in front of him. After hailing four Ubers from Orlando airport and having none of them pick us up, we went old school and got a cab. The cab ended up being cheaper than what Uber would have been, which would be unusual in SF.


HIMSS17 Orlando Housing - Vista Cay

Eleven Hours in the Air – Our Journey to HIMSS17 - Paubox Our Abode for the next week - Vista Cay

Our HIMSS17 Orlando housing at Vista Cay looks pretty good! We're not 100% sure though, since we arrived at 7am and our check in isn't until 4pm. It's 1:50pm as I write this =) In the meantime, Mary at the front desk recommended we go to Hash House a Go Go for breakfast. That would turn out to be a colossal menu order miscalculation.


HIMSS17 Orlando - First Meal

Eleven Hours in the Air – Our Journey to HIMSS17 - Paubox The Chicken and Waffle Tower was no joke

Our first meal at HIMSS17 Orlando was for the most part, Chicken and Waffle Towers from Hash House a Go Go. With the exception of myself, everyone else got the towers of pain. None would topple the tower.


HIMSS17 Waiting Game at Vista Cay

 Eleven Hours in the Air – Our Journey to HIMSS17 - Paubox 6 more hours until we can check in to our condo

Back at the Vista Cay by 10am, we still had six hours to go before check in. Since the Paubox team is comprised of A-team players, we went out to the pool to rejuvinate and then strategically moved beach chairs into areas of comfort. Two more hours to go until we can check in. Having fun at HIMSS17 Orlando.


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