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HIMSS17 Orlando - my takeaways (day 1)

HIMSS17 Orlando - my takeaways (day 1)

I woke up early for day one of HIMSS17 Orlando. After a healthy breakfast, Evan Fitzgerald (Fitz) and I left the Paubox compound and caught a shuttle to the convention center. As it would turn out, I set a dubious personal record for most selfies taken in a day. Couldn't help! It was a busy day with lots to do.

HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox The HIMSS17 shuttle was packed

Like last year's HIMSS conference, the size and scope is a bit overwhelming at first. With our jackets brimming with business cards, Fitz and I went into #beastmode and descended upon the conference floor. I think he passed out 25 cards in the first half hour! There were speeches and breakout sessions everywhere.

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GE Healthcare had an impressive array of booths. They also had friendly people and free coffee. Hard to beat that!

 HIMSS17 Orlando GE Healthcare - Paubox GE Healthcare had an impressive setup

The Federal Health Architecture booths were interesting, I'd like to stop by again and learn more. HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox I made a new connection with Dan Price of CloudMine. Turns out we have mutual friends as well.

 HIMSS17 Orlando, CloudMine - Paubox Dan Price of CloudMine

I stopped by the CoverMyMeds booth to say hi to a couple friends that work there. Wassup Amelia and Ryan! HIMSS17 Orlando, CoverMyMeds - Paubox


HIMSS17 Orlando - Booth Magnets

The name of the game at HIMSS17 is to get people to stop by at your booth. Here were some booths that had clever ways of doing that. A revenue cycle management company had a drawing for the Coolest Cooler. The woman running the booth, Rustin, demonstrated how it could even make you a margarita. I happily dropped my card in the bowl for a chance to win.

 HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox The Coolest Cooler!

The HP Enterprise booth had by far the best magnet- A swirling cash machine. HIMSS17 Orlando, HP Enterprise - Paubox HP Enterprise had a cash machine

After discovering there weren't many rules to the contest, I optimized my setup. 15 seconds later, I emerged with $238. I believe it's a HIMSS17 conference record =)

 HIMSS17 Orlando, HP Enterprise - Paubox I killed it in the HP Enterprise cash machine

With my winnings, I got to choose one of three charities to give it to. I asked one of the HP women who she'd pick and she mentioned the Ronald McDonald House Charities wasn't getting much love for the day, so I directed my $238 to them.

 HIMSS17 Orlando, Ronald McDonald House - Paubox Ronald McDonald House Charities got my winnings

I didn't get the name of the company that was giving away free massages, probably because I was so busy taking pics of their setup. Pretty clever.

HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox Who doesn't want a free massage?


HIMSS17 Orlando - Friends I ran into


I had a nice chat with HIMSS legend Nick Steinbach of Dimension Data. Steinbach is a big part of HIMSS NorCal.  HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox

Nick Steinbach of Dimension Data

Our friends and 500 Startups batch mates Chinmay and Sharad of SimplifiMed were busy working their booth. I'll catch up with them tomorrow.

I ran into our friends Lan Nguyen and Greg Hunter of ManageUP PRM. Lan was a panelist on a fireside chat we recently hosted. Good people and cool socks!

 HIMSS17 Orlando, ManageUP PRM - Paubox Lan Anh Nguyen and Greg Hunter of ManageUP PRM


HCP Social Mixer - HIMSS17 Orlando

As day 1 of HIMSS17 Orlando came to a close, I attended a social mixer held by Health Connect Partners. We attended their HCP Chicago Conference last fall.

 HIMSS17 Orlando, HCP Social Mixer - Paubox HCP Social Mixer

It was nice catching up with Chris Cramer of Health Connect Partners. He has an impressive memory of people's names. He introduced me to TJ Bauer of SMS. TJ and his co-worker Chris Hunt were chill.

 HIMSS17 Orlando, HCP Social Mixer - Paubox

TJ Bauer chatting with Chris Cramer

Old school salesman Charlie Salah was there, dropping some knowledge on our team. Mahalo Charlie!

I brought a couple beverages over to the booth next to HCP, they were stoked. We hope Julie, Allie and Jenny attend our social mixer tonight.

 HIMSS17 Orlando - Paubox Making new friends at HIMSS17 Orlando


HIMSS17 After Party - Orena

At this point I was approaching delirious. On my feet all day, not much food. We ended up at a cool sports bar called Orena with Lan and Greg of ManageUP.


HIMSS17 Orlando, Orena Sports Bar - Paubox Chillaxin at Orena

On the menu was a plate of 50 chicken wings for $44. We of course got the 50 wings.  HIMSS17 Orlando, Orena Sports Bar - Paubox 50 wings for $44

We ran into Prashant Natarajan, whom I had seen moderate a panel at the Norcal HIMSS Innovation Showcase Conference we attended in January. Turns out it was his birthday, so we bought him a birthday shot. He was passionately enthused.

 HIMSS17 Orlando, Prashant Natarajan - Paubox Happy birthday Prashant Natarajan!

We finished off the night playing Jenga at Orena. We put a spin on the rules and required each contestant to hold their beverage while playing. Lots of fun!

 HIMSS17 Orlando, Paubox Jenga Fitz displaying excellent Paubox Jenga form

 HIMSS17 Orlando, Paubox Jenga Lan Nguyen almost tippy toeing

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