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Yesterday I attended a lunch and learn with Amazon Web Services and Infor: "Using The Cloud To Improve Security In Healthcare." It was a pretty packed room to hear Todd Brock, Cloud Enterprise Architect for Infor and Oxana Pickeral, Global Healthcare Segment Leader for AWS.

 HIMSS17 Lunch and Learn with Amazon Web Services - Paubox Infor at a Glance


My Takeaways for HIMSS17 AWS Lunch and Learn

  • There are 30,000 partners in the AWS Partner Network (APN).
  • Infor has been with AWS over 10 yrs.
  • 600% uptick in cloud sales year over year (Infor).
  • 54% of healthcare organizaitons have little/no faith they can detect a breach.
  • Panda group in China believed to be behind Anthem breach.
  • Infor all in on the cloud and all in on AWS.
  • FedRamp certification is a deep dive. Highest federal cert available.
  • Infor Labs: Specific cloud expertise, 100% cloud.
  • "The way to stay alive is by being in the cloud." Infor CEO
  • Infor uses 3 different White Hat hacker firms for penetration testing.
  • Info spent over $1B to rebuild entire solution set in AWS over past 5 yrs.
  • Infor: 7,000 total customers, all but 10 in AWS cloud. 1,000 Healthcare customers.
  • APN Best Practices: Architect Review; Climb tiers; have lots of customer success references that are industry specific; have a solid solution.


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 HIMSS17 Lunch and Learn with Amazon Web Services - Paubox Scary Stats on Healthcare Security


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