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Yesterday I got together with Patrick Ball in the Mission District at Brasserie Saint James. We first met when he presented at a Founders Pledge Dinner back in February. We got caught up on the latest on his end and vice versa. I made sure to mention our new product, Paubox DLP Suite and how it's been received by the market so far.

Here are some of my takeaways from my pau hana with Patrick Ball:

  • I learned about a difference type of RDP, this one being Real Dumb Parallelism. It works for problems that are "embarrassingly parallel".
  • Patrick is a legit Deadhead.
  • I learned what a faded lady house looks like. Hint: It's a play on a painted lady.
  • There's a cool recovered wood shop in El Cerrito.
  • "It's a newbie mistake to try to enumerate the problem."
  • A Probability Decision is better than a Yes/No Decision.
  • Be tolerant of false positives.
  • Build feedback mechanisms that get better over time.
  • "The model is the deliverable."
  • I learned about the Area Under the Curve. (Catchy)
  • Sequences of digits are very rare in human language.
  • Q-grams. Regex but better. Seriously fast. Go learn it.
  • Amdahl's Law


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Patrick Ball - Paubox

The Human Rights Data Analysis Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that applies rigorous science to the analysis of human rights violations around the world. They do not take sides in political or military conflicts, nor do they advocate any particular political party or government policy. HRDAG began in 1991 when Patrick Ball began creating databases for human rights groups in El Salvador. Their team has deep expertise in mathematical statistics, computer science, demography, and social science. They are not neutral however, HRDAG is always in favor of human rights.


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