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I got home at 2:30am last night, after a delayed flight back from Philadelphia. Earlier this week we attended HITRUST Community Extension Program (CEP) events in New York and Philadelphia. I made sure however, to get back in time for SaaStr Scale today in San Francisco. The first session I attended was by Aaron Ross: The Playbook To Re-Igniting Growth. I've previously written about Aaron and his books here, here, here, and here.


SaaStr Scale: The Playbook To Re-Igniting Growth with Aaron Ross - My Takeaways

SaaStr Scale: The Playbook To Re-Igniting Growth with Aaron Ross

Here are my takeaways from Aaron Ross' presentation, The Playbook To Re-Igniting Growth.

  • Skipping a step is a common error to scaling growth
  • Some funds equate an increase of $1M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to an increase of $12M in a company's valuation
  • Focus on 3 Primary metrics: More qualified meetings, more proposals sent, more deals won
  • If one person doesn't own it, it won't happen
  • Outbound will not work without dedicated people to it. It just won't.
  • Split account management (Customer Success) from staff (Sales) who close accounts
  • You can't scale leadgen without accurate metrics
  • "Every leadgen dashboard I've seen lies." (Aaron Ross)
  • Outbound is really about the dashboard
  • Audit or review every single outbound opportunity
  • "If I don't trust the metrics, I don't know what to invest in." (Ross)
  • Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff originally didn't trust outbound metrics because at Oracle, they were all fudged. It took 2 years to sway his opinion.
  • Re: Outbound: "You don't want hope, you want truth." (Ross)
  • Create "Revenue Team" Alignment: Close the Sales-Marketing Goal Gap
  • Get one Revenue Leader who can speak both (Marketing and Sales) languages
  • Have goals but not expectations
  • "With Sales, if you can add more roles, that usually helps." (Ross)
  • What can you do to ramp leadgen? Use whatever is working for you.
  • Absolutely do not have your SDRs doing both Inbound and Outbound job functions


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