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We recently sat down with  Ari Tulla, CEO and Founder of  BetterDoctor, at their office in San Francisco’s SOMA district. Here is a transcript from Ari’s concept of the Mix Tape of Happiness. You can  watch the entire interview here.




Ari Tulla: The Mix Tape of Happiness

Hoala Greevy: Can you share your concept of the "Mix Tape of Happiness"?

Ari Tulla: Yeah, this is good research from your part. So Mix Tape of Happiness is a fun thing that you get to do every now and then. I used to work at Nokia for quite a while and I was helping the Nokia research center on finding new ideas how to use VR (virtual reality) and alternate reality. We were working on a project that I think never saw the light of day so I can’t really talk about the details of that. But one big company, they start ten things, they kill nine of them. And some of those go pretty far before they get killed. Anyway, we were working on a glass concept that was a little like Google Glass maybe - maybe ten years ago. One of the concepts that we came up with was Mix Tape of Happiness. And the idea is that you basically have a frame on you where you have video rolling all the time, so you can 24/7 record video, like you can do with Google Glass basically. And then you store the video and we were also looking at can you incorporate simple brain wave tracking into the frame so you can look at the brain and understand simple brain waves. There are six, seven different types of waves and you have to have a hat on if you want to get all of them, but in here you can find the simple things like in the case of happiness, excitement. So we're thinking about okay, we are recording 24/7, why not find when you are happy and excited and take that moment in your life and move that into the cloud and call it the Mix Tape of Happiness? Who wouldn't want to go back in our life and when we feel sad or we are blue anyway, we can go look at the last year, the best moments of our life on a video, like you saw them yourself. I think that would be a great thing to do.

Hoala Greevy: What's that Netflix show? Black Mirror?

Ari Tulla: Yep.

Hoala Greevy: There's an episode that's very similar to that.

Ari Tulla: Yep. And that's on my list, I mean it's on my queue that I need to see.

Hoala Greevy: I'll send you the link for it.

Ari Tulla: But anyone listening, this has never been done. I don't think there really is a full-blown patent filed on this. Go on and do this, this is really I think a fun idea that can be done with the current tech. Ten years ago, it was harder.

Hoala Greevy: Yeah, wow.


BetterDoctor helps patients find the right doctors when they need them. It starts with helping health plans, provider groups, health care systems and health start up companies get high quality data. They build tools to bring trust, confidence, and transparency to the process of finding a doctor.
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