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Paubox SECURE preview: Fireside chat with Ari Tulla

Paubox SECURE preview: Fireside chat with Ari Tulla

When I last sat down for a chat with Ari Tulla, it was a year ago in the BetterDoctor office in San Francisco. We talked about his thoughts on use of the word "pilot," tips on proper strategy execution, and even The Mix Tape of Happiness. A lot has changed since then. For starters, BetterDoctor was acquired by Quest Analytics last June and Ari was named CEO of the resulting company. How was the merger? What's life like now? I'm curious myself to know these things.

In addition, when we did a prep call with Ari last week, he mentioned interest in discussing:

  • If the future is indeed here and it is in fact not evenly distributed, what's holding it back in healthcare?
  • Ari's prediction for the state of the automobile
  • Ari's predictions for healthcare vs. travel industry by 2029
  • What is the impact of a smartphone for society overall?


Quest Analytics

Quest Analytics logo


Quest Analytics is a leading provider of network access and adequacy services to health plans and insurance regulatory agencies. With its acquisition of BetterDoctor, the combined companies aim to provide the first comprehensive platform that enables health plans to optimize member experiences while complying with federal and state regulations for network adequacy and accuracy.


Paubox SECURE 2019

cybersecurity conference healthcare it security


Paubox SECURE is a digital health security conference, bringing together leaders in healthcare, cybersecurity and innovation in a unique event to drive learning and discussion around the challenges of IT security in healthcare. Unlike other conferences, Paubox SECURE is focused on generating relevant and meaningful content, discussions and networking - not giving you a sales pitch. The agenda this year includes discussion on:

  • Creating The Perfect Healthcare IT Security Stack
  • Vetting Your Vendors: Certifications & HIPAA Compliance
  • Balancing Mobility With End User Security
  • Fostering innovation in Healthcare

100 spam musubi to the first 100 people through the door, concluded by a riveting fireside chat with Ari Tulla. What's not to like?

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