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Clay County Hospital

Clay County Hospital

Since its opening in 2000, Clay County Hospital has served thousands of patients over the years. The hospital strives to be an example among rural healthcare delivery organizations, priding itself in being patient-focused and disciplined.

As such, Clay County needed an email encryption solution that could reflect its ethical standards.

Every email needed to be secure, and with the heavy volume of emails the hospital sends daily, Clay County Hospital needed encryption to take minimal steps for its staff to use and have emails easily accessible for recipients.



Company snapshot

  • Opened in 2000
  • Locations: 5
  • Paubox Email Suite Plus customer since January 2018



Use case

Secure email by default


  • Send secure email by default
  • Ensure that each email sent by Clay County staff is HIPAA compliant without requiring a special process or change in employee workflow
  • Provide robust inbound email security protection from phishingmalware, and email bomb attacks

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Easy to setup and implement
  • No portals or passwords for end users to access encrypted emails
  • Peace of mind concerning HIPAA email compliance




Clay County Hospital chose Paubox Email Suite Plus to simplify the process of sending and receiving encrypted emails in order to increase workplace efficiency and ensure HIPAA compliance.

With Clay County Hospital’s previous solution, encrypting an email was a tedious process. “In order to encrypt an email . . . we had to initiate encryption every time,” Phil Bute, CIO of Clay County Hospital, said. “With Google’s G Suite, we had to provide a fake social security number in the body of the email to trigger the encryption. Users would easily forget to do this. Their encryption policies wouldn’t be able to determine if a PDF had PHI inside, which was a problem.”

Like any other hospital, Clay County is in constant communication with various healthcare professionals and vendors. From primary care physicians, insurance companies and pharmacists – all for a single patient – there were an overwhelming amount of emails to keep track of. “To encrypt or not to encrypt?” was not a question Clay County Hospital staff could afford to ask for every single email.

Even sending one email without encryption was unacceptable to them, as it is with many other healthcare organizations. When the contract for their previous email encryption solution came due, Bute and the Clay County Hospital team decided it was time for a solution that would better fit their needs.



One day Bute read an email that mentioned the five best email encryption solutions for healthcare. After conducting research, he found that Paubox Email Suite Plus had the best rating out of all the solutions he investigated.

But for Clay County Hospital, high rating wasn’t enough to seal the deal. The team needed to confirm Paubox could deliver the ease of use that our customers were raving about the reviews Bute read.

“The ease of use sold us,” Bute said after watching a Paubox Email Suite demo. “Every email is now encrypted, so that’s a good thing. The end-user no longer has to go to some encryption portal that they can’t remember their password for in order to get sensitive emails. We now only have to worry about who we’re sending the emails to.”


An easy setup process

Not only is Paubox easy to use, but it’s very easy to set up.

“It was literally a 10-minute phone call and a Webex. Done,” Bute added. “Not only is the solution simple to implement, but it’s very effective and puts my mind at ease concerning any potential HIPAA email violations. Personally, this can be used by anyone that has the potential to send and receive sensitive email information.”


Every email encrypted and scanned by default

In the past twelve months alone, Paubox Email Suite Plus has seamlessly encrypted almost 300,000 outbound and over 1.25 million inbound emails on behalf of 350 Clay County employees. It has blocked 386 phishing attempts and 22,279 spam messages sent to hospital staff.

According to our research for our monthly HIPAA Breach Reports, email is the top threat vector in healthcare. Security breaches due to successful phishing attacks can lead to hefty HIPAA fines, which is why it's important to take inbound as well as outbound security seriously.

With Paubox Email Suite Plus, every email that Clay County Hospital staff sends is encrypted in a HIPAA compliant manner by default, and every inbound email is scanned for malicious content before it hits the inbox. This leaves staff more time to focus on patients while not having to worry about HIPAA compliant email.

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