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Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting

Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting

Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting is a mental health practice operating in East County in the Portland Metro Area. Its mission is to provide psychiatric medication and therapy services using a grounded, holistic approach by developing individualized treatment plans with a strong emphasis in collaborative problem solving, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.



Company snapshot

  • Locations: 1
  • Paubox Email Suite Plus customer since April 2016


Psychiatric care

Use case

HIPAA compliant email that works with existing email provider


Used solution

Favorite features

  • Easy to use encryption
  • Seamless integration with existing email platform
  • Responsive and friendly customer support




Lifespan was doing all the right things in regards to making its communications HIPAA compliant, but like many private practices, it was finding compliance to be a burden rather than a benefit.

The practice was using an email encryption vendor that used a portal to gate communications. But that meant it took recipients up to five extra steps just to view a message. It also made the experience of reading email on a mobile device cumbersome.

However, it wasn’t just a problem for recipients; not being able to send and receive emails quickly bogged down employee workflows.



After researching options online, Lifespan Psychiatric Consulting chose Paubox to be its email encryption vendor.

Paubox made secure email easy to use and was flexible enough to use with any email service, rather than locking users into a proprietary app.

“I love that I can use Airmail app with Paubox to secure my email communications,” said Andrew Vilius, principal of Lifespan. “It’s helped improve my email workflow on the order of 50%.”


Excellent customer support

Vilius also appreciated the responsive customer support that didn’t require multiple phone calls or emails to talk with a real person.

“The support was extremely helpful in getting me started, including transferring all of my archived email messages from my prior service to Paubox,” said Vilius. “Their ease of use and HIPAA compliance make Paubox an ideal email service for healthcare providers.”

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