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Secure patient outreach via HIPAA compliant email marketing

Secure patient outreach via HIPAA compliant email marketing

We talked to an existing customer the other day about our newest product, Paubox Marketing - a HIPAA compliant email marketing solution. With Paubox Marketing, recipients view marketing emails directly in their inbox. No need to click on a link to a portal and create an account on an obscure website to read the message. You can segment your recipients with Paubox Marketing to send them secure, personalized email including PHI. This will increase your open rate and help build your business while remaining HIPAA compliant. On the call with our customer, we learned about an emerging trend in healthcare - secure patient outreach via HIPAA compliant email marketing. This post offers but one example of how and why this is a growing trend in the market.


Contractual obligations for secure patient outreach

During the aforementioned call, we learned that our customer recently won a bid to provide patient outreach to six thousand employees for health and diet coaching. If these employees engaged in the coaching program, they would qualify for lower insurance premiums, which would benefit the employer's bottom line. As part of the bid, our customer is contractually obligated to provide patient outreach via three distinct methods. They quickly surmised they could achieve two of those methods via phone call and snail mail. The third however, would most likely be via  HIPAA compliant email or secure text. Since secure text more often that not requires the user to download and install a third party app (i.e., friction), Paubox Marketing, our solution to the HIPAA compliant email marketing problem, is suddenly very applicable.


Secure email marketing to close care gaps

As we can see, secure email marketing for patient outreach is quickly becoming a must-have in US healthcare to increase patient engagement, and Paubox Marketing is the best tool for the job. We can also see how healthcare providers can use the tool to close care gaps. For example, appointment reminders and medication refill reminders are quick wins that your practice could implement right away. Many organizations are already sending secure marketing emails utilizing the Paubox Email API, but Paubox Marketing doesn't require coding skills. This opens up the opportunity of email marketing to a much wider audience.


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