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Paubox Weekly: Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

Paubox Weekly: Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

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1. Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

Paubox Forms allows you to collect patient data securely via a HIPAA compliant form, and it's entirely free with Paubox Email Suite.

Why it matters: HIPAA compliant forms make gathering healthcare data much more manageable.

Online forms must comply with HIPAA



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2. NYS clinic ordered to spend $1.2M on security measures

NYS clinic fined $450K and ordered to spend $1.2M on security measures

Refuah Health Center was fined up to $450,000 in a settlement and required to invest over $1 million in enhancing its data security.

What happened: Following a 2021 ransomware attack, a forensic investigation found that attackers gained access through a security camera system with a static four-digit code.

Linked to a former IT vendor



Paubox Secure Contact Form



3. NCA director dismissed for security breaches on WhatsApp and email

NCA director dismissed for security breaches on WhatsApp and email

The former director of investigations at the National Crime Agency (NCA) was found guilty of breaching NCA standards by sending classified material via her personal email account and WhatsApp groups.

Going deeper: She was found guilty of declassifying secret material to enable its transmission from an NCA email account to a non-NCA email account.

A second investigation is underway



4. What is ExecProtect?

What is ExecProtect

ExecProtect protects organizations against display name spoofing attacks.

Why it matters: Display name spoofing poses a significant risk to organizations because it targets their email communication systems,

Reduces the likelihood of successful phishing



5. Hospitals seeking end to online tracking enforcement

Hospitals seeking quick end to online tracking enforcement

Multiple healthcare industry groups are urging a Texas judge to end the enforcement of online tracking regulations.

What's new: The groups claim that tracking data is not currently protected by health privacy law, as individuals can visit a hospital website for a variety of reasons that are not necessarily related to the individual’s health status

"A gross overreach by the federal bureaucracy"



6. Novant Health announces $6.6 million settlement over tracking violation

Novant Health announces multimillion-dollar settlement

Novant Health faced legal repercussions for the use of pixel tracking. The North Carolina hospital system has agreed to a $6.6 million settlement for alleged privacy violations.

What happened: Approximately 1.3 million individuals had their data disclosed to Meta between May 1st, 2020, and August 12th, 2022. 

Missing data or implicit bias?



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January HIPAA Breach Report

  • Network server breaches affected the most people in December 2023. 11,151,487 individuals had their data breached.
  • Electronic medical record breaches were the second most common breach, with 911,757 people affected.
  • Email breaches affected 137,008 people, the third most common breach type.

Read the full breach report

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