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Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

Collect patient data securely with Paubox Forms

Paubox Forms allows you to collect patient data securely via a HIPAA compliant form. You can create custom questions using an intuitive form builder, and it's entirely free with Paubox Email Suite. 

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Table of contents:

Introducing Paubox Forms

Paubox Forms is designed to securely collect patient data in compliance with HIPAA regulations. It's included with the Paubox Email Suite service and features a user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder. 

The forms can be customized with various question options like text fields, dropdowns, multiple choice, file uploads, and even signatures. 

You can adjust question settings, design elements, and manage form settings. Once a form is built, it can be published and linked to websites or emails. Form submissions are viewable in the Paubox Admin Panel, and users can customize submission messages and manage form recipients.  

How to set up a HIPAA compliant form

We've put together a detailed walkthrough of forms with a step-by-step video guide. Learn how to build and publish a HIPAA compliant form.

Here are the basics of building a form with Paubox Forms:

  1. In the Paubox Admin Panel, navigate to Forms under the Paubox Forms section on the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click on the Create Form button.
  3. Enter a Form Name at the top of the page.
  4. On the left side of the form builder, you will see different question options. To add a question to your form, drag and drop the option from the form builder onto your form.
  5. After building your form, click the Publish button on the top right of the form builder. 


Paubox Forms features:

  • Multiple question options: Add input fields, drop downs, multiple choice, and text areas.
  • Signature collection: Require form fillers to provide a signature. Choose between the option to request a signature drawing or a typed signature.
  • File upload: Allow form fillers to upload a file. Choose which file types to accept (PDFs, images, videos, spreadsheets, documents, etc.).
  • Required fields: Toggle on this field to require an answer to this form question.
  • Design elements: You can manage the look and feel of your form.
  • Choose form submission recipients: Select who should receive a copy of submissions as they are submitted.
  • Create a submission message: You can customize the thank you message after a form filler submits a form. 


Paubox Forms use cases

Paperwork is daunting for patients and a time-consuming hassle for healthcare providers. HIPAA compliant forms make gathering healthcare data much more manageable. Here's how your practice can use Paubox Forms:

  • Quick patient intake: No more long waits filling out forms. Patients complete their details online before appointments, streamlining the process.
  • Direct patient feedback: Post-visit surveys are simplified. Patients can provide feedback quickly, helping providers improve services faster.
  • Enhanced telehealth: Telehealth sessions start smoother with pre-session forms. It ensures better preparedness and efficiency.
  • Streamlined referrals: Referral processes are quicker and more secure, making patient transitions between services smoother. 
  • Emergency contact updates: Quick, secure collection of emergency contacts.
  • Health history at a glance: Patients can complete detailed health history forms online, enabling better-prepared doctor visits.
  • Informed consent: Simplify gathering consent for treatments, procedures, and marketing campaigns.
  • Insurance info made easy: Efficiently collect and verify insurance details, speeding up billing processes.
  • Wellness program sign-ups: Facilitate enrollment in health and wellness programs.
  • Post-treatment check-ins: Follow up with patients after discharge, ensuring they understand care instructions and are recovering well.


Do forms need to be HIPAA compliant?

Yes, online forms must comply with HIPAA's Security Rule, including:

  • Data encryption: Electronic protected health information (ePHI) shared through a form must be encrypted during transmission and storage.
  • Access controls: Measures to restrict access to ePHI collected via forms must be implemented.
  • Audit controls: HIPAA requires covered entities to track access to PHI gathered through online forms.


How forms help with HIPAA compliance

Forms actually play a significant role in helping healthcare practices maintain HIPAA compliance. They're a structured and standardized method for managing PHI, ensuring that the collection, storage, and sharing of patient data adhere to HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA compliant forms streamline the process of obtaining patient consent and authorization, a core requirement of the Privacy Rule. Forms ensure transparency and compliance by clearly documenting how patient information is used and disclosed.

Another aspect of HIPAA compliance is the 'minimum necessary' standard. Forms help enforce this by limiting the collection of PHI to what is strictly required. This targeted approach to data collection minimizes the risk of unnecessary exposure of sensitive information. 

Forms also facilitate patients' rights under HIPAA, including accessing and amending their medical records and receiving an accounting of disclosures. This empowers patients and helps practices maintain accurate and transparent records of PHI usage.

Lastly, forms are instrumental in compliance documentation and training. They provide a tangible record of adherence to HIPAA regulations and can be used in staff training programs, reinforcing organizational policies on PHI handling.

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