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1. 2023 email marketing benchmarks in the healthcare industry

2023 email marketing benchmarks in the healthcare industry

We crunched the numbers on over 2 million emails from over 100 healthcare organizations to bring you the latest benchmarks in email marketing for the industry.

Fast facts: Our analysis revealed an average open rate of 54.79% and an average click-through rate of 2.46%.

In the know: Paubox customers outperform healthcare marketers using other email marketing platforms.

The big difference? Personalization.



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2. The $16.2 million insider security threat and urgent need for change

The $16.2 million insider security challenge and the urgent need for change

The 2023 DTEX systems Cost of Insider Risk Report has revealed a concerning growth in insider threats resulting in increased risk to organizations.

What happened: Insider security threats have sharply increased in recent years, with the average annual cost to organizations soaring to $16.2 million

Why it matters: The report indicates a trajectory marked by rising incident costs, frequency, and containment times, signaling the inadequacy of current risk management approaches.

An average price tag of $700k per incident



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3. IBM, Johnson & Johnson face class action lawsuit over data breach

IBM, Johnson & Johnson face class action lawsuit over data breach

IBM and Johnson & Johnson are being sued over a data breach that occurred in August.

What's new: The plaintiff’s lawsuit is seeking a class-action designation, jury trial, an award for damages, and for IBM and Johnson & Johnson to improve their security.

It’s not the only lawsuit IBM is facing right now



4. CSA releases warning regarding Snatch ransomware

CSA releases warning regarding Snatch ransomware

The FBI, alongside the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), teamed up to release this CSA warning regarding Snatch, a Russia-based ransomware group.

What they're saying: The CSA said that Snatch has threatened victims with double extortion, where "the victims' data will be posted on Snatch's extortion blog if the ransom goes unpaid."

Using remote access tools to infiltrate systems



5. Illinois Supreme Court deliberates on nurses’ biometric privacy

Illinois Supreme Court deliberates on nurses’ biometric privacy

Two Chicago nurses allege their hospitals violated Illinois' biometric privacy law by using fingerprint scanners without consent, sparking a significant case in the state Supreme Court.

In a nutshell: The case hinges on whether healthcare workers should be excluded from biometric privacy protections.

"HIPAA has nothing to do with worker data."





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