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Paubox Weekly: Paubox leads in the G2 Spring 2024 reports

Paubox Weekly: Paubox leads in the G2 Spring 2024 reports

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1. Paubox leads in the G2 Spring 2024 reports

Spring24 G2 Social post 730 x 614

Paubox ranked first in 38 reports out of 48, and we were awarded 72 badges overall.

Why it matters: We're committed to making HIPAA compliant communication easy and giving Paubox customers peace of mind when it comes to securely emailing colleagues, clients, and patients.

Key achievements:

  • Leader in the Grid® Report for Email Encryption
  • Ranks #1 in Usability Index for HIPAA Compliant Messaging
  • Easiest To Use and Best Usability in the Mid-Market Usability Index for Email Encryption

The highest-rated solution for Email Encryption


2. $3.3 billion in loans offered to providers hit by Change Healthcare attack

$3.3 B in loans offered to providers hit by Change Healthcare attack

$3.3 billion in loans were made available to healthcare providers impacted by one of the most well-known cyberattacks in the first quarter of 2024.

What happened: UnitedHealth launched a temporary funding program to assist providers, offering them 45 business days to repay the loans.

A backlog of over $14 billion in medical claims



Referral Program



3. Medicare Advantage rates cause drop in UnitedHealth and other insurers

Medicare Advantage rates cause drop in UnitedHealth and other insurers

UnitedHealth and Humana experienced stock drops, while CVS Health and Cigna retreated after the Biden Administration announced that final Medicare Advantage rates in 2025 won't change from the anticipated 3.7% increase.

Why it matters: Fluctuations in private Medicare Advantage rates can have broad implications for both companies operating in the market and for individuals seeking healthcare coverage. 

Could impact customer enrollment and retention



Paubox Forms CTA



4. Going deeper: The Change Healthcare attack

Going deeper the change healthcare cyberattack

Healthcare organizations across the U.S. were thrown into disarray as Change Healthcare fell victim to an unprecedented cyberattack on February 21, 2024.

Who was hacked? Change Healthcare, a unit of UnitedHealth Group (UHG), was impacted by a cyberattack in late February. The attack was carried out by a ransomware group known as ALPHV or BlackCat. 

A summary of who was involved and who was impacted



5. Email strategies to re-engage lost patients

Email strategies to re-engage lost patients

The primary cause of patient loss in a healthcare practice typically revolves around dissatisfaction.

What to do about it: Patients can be re-engaged by using targeted communication strategies and email campaigns.

Where to begin



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What happened last week


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