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How can I supercharge the Paubox referral program?

How can I supercharge the Paubox referral program?

The premise of the Paubox referral program simple and powerful: Refer a friend to Paubox Email Suite and you both earn a $250 credit.

Your friend will receive a 14 day trial and upon successful completion of the trial, you each will receive a $250 credit.

As an added bonus, there are no limits to how many customers you can refer and how much referral credit you can earn.

This post will explain how you can supercharge the Paubox referral program by leveraging the Paubox email footer.

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Paubox email footer

Every email encrypted by Paubox features a footer at the bottom that showcases the sender’s commitment to securing the email during transit across the internet.

Here’s the wording of the Paubox email footer:

Secured by Paubox – HITRUST CSF certified


By default, the word Paubox is hyperlinked to 

To supercharge the Paubox referral program, you can enable the link to point to your unique referral URL instead.


How do I setup the Paubox email footer to contain my referral link?

Here’s how to enable the Paubox email footer to link to your unique referral URL:

  • Sign in to the Paubox Admin Panel
  • In the left menu pane, click Referrals
  • Select the radio box that says Include my referral link in my Paubox email footer
  • Click Save



What does the Paubox referral link look like?

The text of the Paubox email footer remains the same. The link however, is slightly different.

For example, here’s the Paubox email footer on an email that has the referral link disabled:


As you can in the lower left corner of the above screenshot, the Paubox link will take you to

Now let’s take a look at the Paubox email footer with the referral link enabled:


As you can see, the text is the same but the link to Paubox is a bit different.

In the above example, it’ll take you to

Since we like to dog food our own stuff, this is the referral link for Paubox. Once enabled, your company’s referral link will be unique and attributable to your account.

As a secret bonus, if you use the above link to sign up for Paubox, you’ll get a $250 credit.



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