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2023 email marketing benchmarks in the healthcare industry

2023 email marketing benchmarks in the healthcare industry

We crunched the numbers on over 2 million emails from over 100 healthcare organizations to bring you the latest benchmarks in email marketing.


The data at a glance:

  • Total Emails Analyzed: Over 2 million
  • Organizations Included: 104

Our dataset encompassed a wide range of healthcare organizations, from small clinics to large hospital networks. The metrics we focused on were the open rate and click-through rate (CTR) - two pivotal indicators of email engagement and effectiveness.


Key findings

Open rate: 54.79%

The open rate serves as the initial litmus test for any email campaign. It answers a simple question: Are recipients even opening the emails? 

Our analysis revealed an average open rate of 54.79%. In simpler terms, for every 100 emails landing in inboxes, about 55 are being opened.

Insight: Trust plays a pivotal role in email engagement. With healthcare data being sensitive, recipients are more likely to open emails they believe are from a trusted, HIPAA compliant source.


Click-through rate (CTR): 2.46%

Once an email is opened, the next challenge is to engage the reader enough to take action. The CTR is a direct reflection of this engagement. Our findings showed an average CTR of 2.46%. This means that for every 100 emails opened, roughly 2 to 3 led to a recipient clicking a link within the content.

Insight: Beyond just opening the email, the content's relevance and security assurances can drive recipients to engage further, leading to clicks.


The power of personalization

According to Campaign Monitor, the healthcare industry benchmark for open rates is 23.7%, while WebFX states that the average open rate is closer to 19%

We believe the fundamental difference in Paubox's 54.79% open rate is personalization

Paubox Marketing allows for the inclusion of protected health information (PHI), even in subject lines. Personalization increases email open rates thanks to higher relevancy.


HIPAA compliance in email marketing

Ensuring HIPAA compliance in email marketing isn't just about adhering to regulations; it's about building trust. A compliant email system can boost recipient confidence, potentially leading to higher open and click-through rates.


Email security's role

Emails from trusted, secure sources are less likely to land in spam folders, ensuring higher delivery rates. Moreover, with the rise of phishing attempts in the healthcare sector, a recognizably secure email can significantly impact open rates.


Actionable recommendations:

  • Craft compelling subject lines: The first impression counts. A relevant subject line can significantly boost open rates.
  • Segment your email list: Tailored content for specific audience segments can drive higher engagement and clicks.
  • Trust in compliance: Using a HIPAA compliant email platform like Paubox can enhance recipient trust, leading to better engagement metrics.

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