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How Does Paubox’s Spam Filtering Feature Work?

by Arianna Etemadieh

paubox spam filtering mail stats

Not only is Paubox the only HIPAA compliant email solution with zero-step encryption, we also offer Inbound Security to fully protect your inbox. Part of our inbound security includes our spam filtering feature.

Paubox’s spam filtering offers protection against spam, malware, virus and phishing attacks. Paubox determines spam based on content, such as suspicious attachments or newly registered domain names. (Domain names registered in the past seven days tend to be spam distributors.)

Phishing is one of the most common reason emails get hacked, and phishing and ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated every year. Fully protect your organization’s data with Paubox’s spam filtering that compliments Paubox’s Encrypted Email.

How Paubox’s spam filtering feature works

When you sign up for Paubox encrypted email, the Paubox Customer Success team creates a spam filtering user admin panel and user accounts for your organization.

The home page of the spam filtering user admin panel looks like below:

paubox spam filtering mail stats

Customers can designate admins who will receive an invitation to create a password and then they will have access to the admin panel.

The admin panel features real-time statistics and spam scores.

paubox inbound mail log spam filtering paubox inbound mail log spam filtering

Paubox Spam Scores

The Paubox email filter quickly applies hundreds of checks to each incoming email message for spam, viruses and phishing attacks.

Through this system, Paubox assigns different spam scores to spam emails.

The scores are as follows:

7.0 – 11.9 -> grey

  • By default, ****SPAM**** will be appended to the subject of the message and delivered

>= 12.0 -> spam

  • >=100 -> The sender or domain was blacklisted by customer or by Paubox

500 -> phishing attack

  • The email is deleted; there is no opportunity for the customer to release the message into their inbox

Emails with a score over 12 are marked as spam and sent to the quarantine.

Ransomware can also hide in a macro field on an attachment. If someone tries to send a macro to a Paubox user, Paubox quarantines it. If the macro contains malicious activity, we permanently quarantine it.

Paubox admin panel users can whitelist or blacklist certain email domains to customize what qualifies as spam for their email account.

Why is inbound email security important?

Spam filtering is an inexpensive solution. While G Suite and Office 365 offer their own versions of spam filtering, Paubox’s spam filtering goes a little beyond.

Paubox scans the content of every email sent. This includes the sender’s email domain, the email body, email links, and email attachments.

Paubox automatically blocks every Windows executable (such as .exe, .bat, .com). We determine DomainAge for email addresses and quarantine recently registered domain names. In addition, Paubox connects with Google Safe Browsing’s API to scan every link and every email.

Google Safe Browsing is a free API that lets client applications check URLs against Google’s frequently updated lists of unsafe web resources. Examples of unsafe web resources are social engineering sites (phishing and deceptive sites) and sites that host malware or unwanted software.

People continually fall victim to ransomware attacks due to human error (such as our susceptibility) and The Overconfidence Dilemma. Email also remains one of the top three threat vectors for ransomware and phishing data breaches. See for yourself in our HIPAA email breach reports.

Ransomware’s reach is worldwide and there are more than 4,000 new ransomware attacks daily.

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Inbound Security along with outbound encryption also makes your organization more HIPAA compliant.

According to the HHS, “The HIPAA Security Rule also requires implementation of security measures that can help prevent the introduction of malware, including ransomware.”

If you fall victim to a phishing scam or ransomware attack, expect to pay a HIPAA fine as part of your penalty. HIPAA fines are rising and could bankrupt your organization.

Paubox’s spam filtering helps prevent the risk of a data breach by taking security to the next level.

What are the benefits of Paubox’s spam filtering feature?

Paubox’s Inbound Security prevents phishing scams, ransomware, malware, and HIPAA violation risks.

If you are a Microsoft Exchange user, you no longer have to rely on a third party spam filtering solution. Paubox is a seamless email solution that works with Microsoft Exchange and doesn’t require any add-ons or plug-ins for our spam filtering feature or our email encryption in general.

Our secure email solution works on any device integrated with your business email account.

Our user-friendly admin panel makes our spam filtering feature easy to navigate, and our U.S. based customer support team responds quickly to emails and support tickets if you have any questions.

If you would like to see Paubox’s spam filtering in action, sign up for a free no-risk 14-day trial.

Try Paubox for FREE and make your email HIPAA compliant today.