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Visiting our customers is always a pleasure, and some onsite visits have their perks.  For instance, this visit to the Physician's Choice Medical Group (PCMG) involved furry companions as well (see photo below). Physician's Choice Medical Group is a growing partner that recently partnered with UCSF. Their primary service is a large Telephone Triage where medical advice is offered for patients. They also have after-hours pediatric clinics (located in Berkeley and San Francisco) where they provide urgent care treatment for the same kind of illnesses seen at a pediatrician's office. The administrative office is located just off the 24th Mission St. BART. That is where Renee, the Implementation Support Specialist at Paubox, and I met with Paige, Meghann, and Jake of PCMG. Below is a summary of Paubox's visit to PCMG.


Paubox office visit: Physician's Choice Medical Group (PCMG)


As a small healthcare business, PCMG has its own set of challenges when it comes to HIPAA and protected health information (PHI). During our visit, we were fortunate to learn about some of these challenges along with their feedback to keep Paubox growing and evolving.


Understanding and using technology is a challenge

One of the challenges that Jake, Meghann, and Paige encountered was making sure that all of their nurses have the right tools and knowledge for how to use them. Since most of the nurses work either remotely or in a different location, it can be challenging to make sure everyone is using secure HIPAA compliant email. Additionally, a lot of PCMG's employees have trouble understanding the nuances of email. For example, the differences between IMAP vs. POP, encrypted email vs. regular email, and webmail vs. email client aren't well-known facts. We at Paubox try to teach these differences as well as give a better understanding to how email works so our customers can remain HIPAA compliant and keep their data secure.

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Paubox's customer service rocks

One of the many things that PCMG loves about Paubox is our customer service. Paige (seen below) and Meghann love how quickly we respond to their needs. Additionally, they love that we redesigned our Help Center to make it easier for customers to find the answers they are looking for. Paubox takes great pride in our customer service team and their work.

Paubox office visit: Physician's Choice Medical Group (PCMG)


HIPAA is still difficult to understand

The PCMG caretakers worry about many things when it comes to their medical practice, but one thing they especially worry about is remaining HIPAA compliant when they communicate through email. Unfortunately, HIPAA is extremely ambiguous and difficult to understand.

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Paubox and PCMG: Future Enhancements

During our conversation, Paige and Meghann gave a lot of great feedback, some of which revolved around features they would like to see. One of the products that PCMG is interested in is Paubox Suite Premium. As they expand in the future, PCMG hopes to add DLP as a future investment to ensure that they are proactively protecting themselves.

READ MORE:  Not Having Email DLP Leads to 90,000 Patient Records Breached Our visit to PCMG has left us happy and humbled. PCMG reminded us of what we do well and that we are on the right path. We love to learn and get feedback from our happy customers.


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