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Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food. While there, we visited Nick John, Security Engineer at Redox.

Nick shared how ransomware, spear phishing and social engineering are all problems healthcare is facing. Ensure cybersecurity in your organization with secure communication such as seamless HIPAA compliant email.

Read the full transcript of our conversation below and watch the full interview here.

Nick John: That’s what keeps us up at night

Hoala Greevy: What’s your biggest concern when it comes to healthcare security?

Nick John: I think the industry at large, we’re all facing very similar problems. Ransomware, spearfishing, or social engineering in general are big vulnerabilities. Ultimately, it's the risk of the PHI breach. That's terrifying, that's what keeps us up at night. Figuring out ways of ensuring secure communication, ensuring that you’re talking to who you think you’re talking to, those are increasingly important. Phishing scams in the past were really obvious - there wasn't a Nigerian prince asking for your information. Now, they’re getting so sophisticated that you get an email that looks like it’s coming from your CEO. Training needs to be improved as well as the technology in ways of verifying that people are who they claim to be.

Hoala Greevy: I read a study, they called it “The Overconfidence Dilemma”, and it was the common user thinks they're smarter than the scammer. If there’s a typo, it’s a scam, but if it’s not a typo, then it must be legit. And they actually get hacked at a higher incident because of people’s overconfidence in fishing these things out.

Nick John:  Yeah. So a lot of it, we train caution, right? Or if you receive an email that you weren't expecting, you ask the person in a different way. You check on slack or you give them a phone call. So in a way, it's improving communication. But yeah, you always have to keep your guard up.


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Redox Engine supports applications to expedite their development and deployment in the healthcare world. Their mission is to make healthcare data useful. Redox is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.
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