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Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of  great customers and  delicious food. While there, we visited Emily Fagan, Quality Assurance Assistant at  Alvord-Taylor.

When choosing to work in healthcare, there are many organizations Emily could have gone with. But she chose Alvord-Taylor, and this is why.



Read the full transcript of our conversation below and watch the full interview here.

Emily Fagan: What makes Alvord-Taylor special


Hoala Greevy: Emily, how did you get involved with the organization?

Emily Fagan: Well I just moved to this town and I’d spent a lot of time working in insurance and insurance software, and this was definitely the more friendly side of healthcare. Like I had kind of been doing the dried toast version of healthcare, and now I get to interact with the individuals that we serve and be part of their lives, and be part of the team that helps ensure that they get person centered care, and that's been a really, really valuable thing to me. One of the things that I love about Alvord-Taylor is exactly how person-centered they are. We devote our work to ensuring that they get to have those supports that they want and need, as they want and need them. It's not based on what's convenient for us, and that's something that I think is really valuable.

Hoala Greevy: And that’s been one of the lasting values of the organization, as I understand it?

Emily Fagan: Yeah. It is. And they’ve held up with that, and I find that really, it’s great to be part of that.

oala Greevy: That’s great!


About Alvord-Taylor

Since 1970,  Alvord-Taylor has supported people with disabilities enjoy quality lives in the community. They serve over 80 people in the Eugene-Springfield area and focus on person-centeredness: facilitating independence and building personal opportunity.


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