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I presented a webinar to NASA today on Phishing Detection Strategies. As part of part of their ongoing NASA Cyber Security Webinar series, I had the opportunity to present to them on phishing trends, the threat landscape, best practices, and the road ahead. It was a privilege to present to their prestigious organization.



NASA Cyber Security Webinar Takeaways


Here are some takeaways from the webinar:
  • Phishing is the #1 threat vector on the internet.
  • The Overconfidence Dilemma is startling.
  • The folks at NASA were curious about our use of Linux.
  • There was further interest in our concept of port-based Geographic Segmentation.
  • Modern Phishing attacks now employ correct spelling and grammar.
  • Phishing attacks are driven by money, data espionage, and now politics.


Phishing Detection Strategies


Click here to access the webinar slides.




NASA Cyber Security Webinar: Phishing Detection Strategies - Paubox

It was a privilege to present a webinar to NASA today


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