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Kyle Chock knows how to pick the lunch spots

I had Hawaiian food for lunch with my close friend Kyle Chock today. At his recommendation, we ate at Highway Inn in Kakaako. Kyle knew I'd be craving Hawaiian food before I realized it myself =)

Kyle and I go back quite awhile, which makes sense since we both have a love of the ocean and all things Hawaiian.


 Chillaxin at Hookena with Kyle Chock - Paubox

Day trip to Hookena with Kyle Chock and his family back in 2012

It was great catching up with Kyle and I'm hoping we can reconnect one more time before I fly back to SF.


About Highway Inn

 Highway Inn in Kakaako - Paubox Highway Inn in Kakaako

Highway Inn is a 70 year-old Hawaiian food restaurant. In addition to serving ono Hawaiian food, they also cater and have a seafood market. They are a well-deserving part of Kakaako.


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