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 Sharing my catch is a creative way to say mahalo in Silicon Valley
  • Kayak fishing is good for the mind and body.
  • I wanted to show my appreciation to folks who have helped us recently.
  • So I shared my catch with Lars Nilsson.

Kayak fishing is my release. It's a great way to blow off stress, get exercise, focus on the moment and put food on the table. It's Dungeness crab (Dungie) season now, so that's what I've been targeting lately. This weekend's forecast called for light winds on Saturday and horrorshow gusts Sunday and Monday. That meant Saturday was GameDay.


Saturday's high tide was at 11:34am, so I slept in a bit and got to Half Moon Bay with my truck, kayak and traps a little before 9am. I try to plan my Dungie hunts two hours before a high or low tide mark. Dungies tend to move around more i.e., into my traps, during a tide change. The Dungies weren't in their usual spots yesterday, so I tried some new spots and eventually captured 7 plus a red rock crab. I dropped four of them off today with Lars Nilsson aboard his sleek boat in the Marina. Mahalo for the help, Lars! SEE ALSO:

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Launched at 9:15am Kayak Fishing for Dungeness Crabs in Silicon Valley - Paubox


Got a few keepers in there


Kayak Fishing for Dungeness Crabs in Silicon Valley - Paubox


I paddled to the green can to look for bait to catch and cut up


Kayak Fishing for Dungeness Crabs in Silicon Valley


After five hours on the water, I got 7 keepers and a red rock crab

Dungy Crabs for Lars Nilsson - Paubox


I caught up with Lars Nilsson today aboard One & Only


Lars Nilsson - One and Only - Paubox


Dropped off Dungies and got some more advice. Mahalo Lars!


Lars Nilsson - Dungy crabs

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