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Project Orca released for HIPAA compliant email marketing

Project Orca released for HIPAA compliant email marketing

Yesterday we launched Project Orca, our solution to the need we see in the market for HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing. This post explains why we built it, how we named it, and what features are included in v1 of Project Orca.


Project Orca: Why we built it


Last month, we wrote about the adverse opportunity we see in the HIPAA compliant email marketing space. In a nutshell:


  • The HIPAA industry is vast and its growth is accelerating
  • Due to technical and regulatory complexity, a majority of email marketing vendors have no interest in providing HIPAA compliant email service
  • As such, Email Marketing in US Healthcare largely does not exist
  • The market however, has been asking us to provide it
  • So we went and built it


How Project Orca got its name


Early on, we needed a codename for our project. I chose Project Orca because I love being in the ocean and the Orca sits at the top of ocean food chain. We've been fortunate thus far that our early adopter customers also like the name. So we're sticking with Project Orca and we're going to outrank all other derivatives of it.


Project Orca v1 Features


As previously mentioned at the top of this post, we've been pushing hard to launch Project Orca before the year ends. As fortune would have it, we launched Project Orca yesterday, on Christmas Day. Here are the features we built into version 1 of Project Orca:


  • Audience Fields: First name, Last name, email address
  • An Excel template for importing Audience members
  • A browser-based Composer
  • Automatic insertion of a pixel to track opens, bounces, and deliveries
  • Sending 2 versions in each email by default: HTML and plain text
  • Link redirection to track link opens
  • Unsubscribe button + physical address to abide by CAN-SPAM Act
  • Basic Analytics: Track % delivered, viewed, clicked, bounced, and unsubscribed


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